Breeding & Reproduction

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Weaning 101

It' that time of year: Horses born in the early spring will start to be weaned at about five or six months of age. Now is the time to prepare for a safe and happy (or as happy as can be expected) weaning experience.

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Imprint Training of the Newborn Foal

Trainer Emily Johnson shares how training a newborn foal at his earliest years set the stage for training down the road.

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Take the Hazard Out of Foal Handling

Babies gain strength and agility every day. establish a great, safe foundation using Pattie Haney's gentle, consistent training techniques.

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Foal and Mare Health Care

A spanking-new foal may not be quite the picture you envisioned. However, it's important to recognize what's normal and what's not. Learn in this article what to expect in the days ahead and at the time of birth.

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Horse Gestation Period

Learn the basics about the horse gestation period.

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Disinfecting a Foaling Stall

Getting ready for the arrival of a new foal? Follow these guidelines for disinfecting a foaling stall.

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It's Not Unkind To Cut Your Colt

Gelding is major surgery, but with a few precautions your colt will come through better than ever.

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Care for Mare and Foal When Foaling

The foaling process is uneventful for most mares, requiring little, if any, intervention. However, it's always important to be prepared, and to know what to watch for before, during and after birth.

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Prepare Your Mare for Breeding

Although your mare isn't cycling now, the care you give her today will ready her for conception in the months to come

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Foals Thrive Outdoors

It's ok for your foal to be outside, despite varying temperatures. Find out more information about your foal being outside.

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Colostrum is a Must

Foals are born with immature immune systems and rely on a good supply of preformed antibodies found in the colostrum, the first milk of their dams.

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12 Stallion-Care Myths - Fact or Fiction?

Find out how much you know about stallion care with our fun and informative mythbusters' tour through a modern-day breeding barn.