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Splash of Silver. Owned by Kirk and Kristy Nielsen

Why Do Quarter Horses Get Pinto Markings?

Is a foal born to two American Quarter Horses that has big white spots on its body an American Quarter Horse? Traditionally, the answer was no, but in 2004, AQHA?s ?excessive white? rule was rescinded, allowing horses with these markings to be registered.

Morgan horse. Painting by Jeanne Mellin Herrick

Horsemastership Program

Need a fun project involving horses? The AMHAY Horsemastership Program is designed to help you become a competent horseperson. The five successive levels of testing are designed to increase knowledge of the Morgan breed and general horsemanship while receiving recognition for hard work.

The Doc Bar Heritage

Doc O'Lena was a small horse, but according to trainer Shorty Freeman, you can?t measure the size of a horse?s heart in hands. Unquestionably, Doc Bar was more than just another pretty horse. His conformation, passed on to his offspring, allowed them to be the performers they were and are. To view the Doc Bar future, let?s take a look at Doc O?Lena, one of his foals.

Thoroughbred Family Tree

Pedigree refers to a horse's family tree, with its paternal ancestors -- sire/father -- on the top, and its maternal ancestors -- dam/mother -- on the bottom. A horse's pedigree provides insight into its potential ability and value.