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Ventilate Your Horse Barn

Do you keep your horse in a warm barn in the winter? If so, it?s important to bring in fresh, healthy air. Poor barn ventilation can make your horse ill, and some illnesses can even lead to death.

Smart Hay-Buying Strategies

Quality forage should be the foundation of any feeding program, but stocking your barn with good hay doesn't come cheap. Hay prices rose in 2008, thanks to short supply and skyrocketing fuel costs, and horse owners shouldn't expect lower prices anytime this year.

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Reducing Horse Bedding Use in Barns

Using less bedding for your horse stall in your barn will save you time and money. Less horse bedding use means cleaning horse stalls will be easier and quicker (since you won’t have to hunt around for manure in mounds of shavings). It also means you will end up with less stall waste to deal with. If you compost, you'll end up with a nicer compost product that will be more useful for your horse pastures. And it means you'll have less carbon in your compost, so the material will compost bet

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Barn Ventilation Affects Horse Health

Poorly ventilated horse barns are perhaps the leading cause of illness in horses. Insufficient barn ventilation can lead to respiratory disorders and affect the overall performance of your horse. This is especially a concern in the winter months. This article explains how ammonia and dust build up affect your horse causing caughing, sneezing, mucus discharge and what you can do to stop this serious issue.