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6 Horse-Barn-Design Basics promo image

6 Horse-Barn-Design Basics

You've taken stock of your barn, and have found signs of wear and tear. Or, you finally have that slice of horse heaven and are ready to build for the first time. Either way, we'll give you six barn-design basics, plus tips on how to select a builder.

Beyond Shavings-Bedding for Your Horse promo image

Beyond Shavings-Bedding for Your Horse

Here are four stall-bedding materials that can help you manage waste and keep your horse healthy.

Photo Gallery: Boarding Barn Makeover promo image

Photo Gallery: Boarding Barn Makeover

Careful planning and clever repurposing turned a rundown breeding operation into a haven for boarded horses and their owners.

Fall Barn Check Up promo image

Fall Barn Check Up

As the weather changes, it's always a good time to do a little check in on your barn, equipment, and your medical kit.

A raised center aisle (RCA) barn |

Style, Substance and Barn Design

In this adaptation from Horse Housing: How to Plan, Build and Remodel Barns and Sheds (Trafalgar Square Books), Richard Klimesh and Cherry Hill describe the basics of better barn building, including layouts and roof shapes.


55 Tips for Better Barn Function

Building a new barn or refitting an older one? Three experts explain how to create the safest, most efficient home for your horse.

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Winter Shut Ins: Tips to Make Stall Time Fun and Healthy

It's winter in most parts of the country and horse owners may find their equine friends locked in the barn more frequently and for more hours at a time. The stalled horse, besides being bored, can turn destructive, irritable and may develop health problem

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Experts Weigh In on Horse Grain Storage

Storing horse grain improperly can lead to feeding spoiled horse grain, which can make your horse sick. And tossing out spoiled or molded horse grain will cost you extra money. With those concerns in mind, we asked three horse grain experts for advice abo

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Control Horse Arena Dust and Dirt

Arena dust can be hard on your horse and your system. Learn how to control excessive dust in your arena or pasture with our simple tips.

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Wire and Metal in Hogfuel Cause Puncture Wounds in Horse Hooves

Hogfuel is a popular dressing for arenas and paddock areas, especially in regions with strong timber industries.

| Illustration courtesy of Cherry Hill and Richard Klimesh

Anchoring Horse Stall Mats

Here's a handy way to keep your stall mats in place, excerpted from Stablekeeping, by horsekeeping expert Cherry Hill and her husband, Richard Klimesh, who designed the anchors.

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Connecting With Your Horse in the Round Pen

In this article, we'll give you an overview of the 20-step program that I use as a foundation for lessons such as halterless leading, spook in place, and teaching a horse to stand tied. We'll assume that you've done some groundwork with your horse—ideally the bridlework lessons— and that you can work safely around him.

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Eco-Friendly Horsekeeping

Nobody wants to trash the environment, especially horse people. By definition, horse people have a very special relationship with nature and her livestock. And, thanks to the horses that forge that special relationship, horse people are also chronically checkbook-challenged, so we need practical, affordable solutions to environmental horsekeeping problems.

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Making Horse Boarding Contracts Work for You

In the old days, when people agreed to board someone's horse, there was a discussion followed by a handshake. These days, the discussion about horse boarding is just as important, but the handshake has been replaced by a horse boarding contract. We asked

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Building Horse Facilities and Equestrian Spaces

From round pens and arenas to barns and storage sheds, choosing products and designing their layout to be safe, effective and flexible may create fewer headaches and protect your investment in the long run.

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Go Undercover

Putting a roof over your arena lets you ride in all kinds of weather.

Sprucing Up the Place promo image

Sprucing Up the Place

Take a little time to go through our 10-step list and you'll have your barn in peak condition in no time

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Get Control of Horse Arena Dust

Have you ever entered a horse arena and felt like you were riding headlong into a sandstorm? A dusty horse arena is unpleasant for riders, trainers and spectators alike, and it's not great for neighbor relations, either. Not only that, but frequent exposure to dust may pose significant health risks for you and your horse, as well as compromise his performance.

How to Avoid Frozen Pipes in the Barn promo image

How to Avoid Frozen Pipes in the Barn

Follow these simple tips for avoid frozen pipes in your horse barn, even in the coldest weather.

Disaster Preparedness for the Horse Owner promo image

Disaster Preparedness for the Horse Owner

Ready for the worst? Protect yourself and your horse when natural disasters threaten property and lives.

Book Review: Horse Housing promo image

Book Review: Horse Housing

Planning your dream barn? Horse Housing: How to Plan, Build, and Remodel Barns and Sheds by Richard Klimesh and Cherry Hill can help you realize those dreams. Reviewed for by Jessica Jahiel, Ph.D.