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Media Critique: The Alchemy of Lightness

Dominique Barbier and Dr. Maria Katsamanis give us the impetus we need to seek joy in our lives and in our horses.

Horse Journal January 2005

A full PDF of our January 2005 issue


Media Critique: The Controls of the Horse: A Modern Approach to the Classical Rein and Leg Aids

This DVD will enlighten the experienced and not-so-experienced rider.


Safety Thought: Metal on Cross-Ties

Place the heavy snap on the horse end of the cross-ties.

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Horse Journal December 2013 Full Issue PDF

Download the complete December 2013 issue.

Photo of Grant Miller DVM

When Is It Right To Retire A Horse?

If the world were perfect, we would ride our beloved horses forever. But alas, Adam and Eve ate that apple.


Slow Feeding The Modern Equine

This new technique is rooted in natural horse behavior.