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Deworming Strategies

Careful parasite assessment and a five-day deworming treatment may help a thin mare gain weight.

Is Your Deworming Schedule Effective?

A study investigates if horseowners are overworming and under protecting

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Deworm Your Horse with Clinton Anderson

Deworming is one of the basic elements of good horsekeeping. It should be a worry-free, routine practice that takes place several times a year.

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Deworm Your Horse the Right Way

Dose your horse right with these time-proven paste dewormer techniques.

Administering an oral paste dewormer every few weeks used to be the standard protocol for parasite control; now experts recommend a more thoughtful, targeted approach using fecal egg counts. Photo by Kevin McGowan

Horse Deworming: A Modern Approach

Rules for parasite control have changed in recent years. Here, your questions answered.

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Treatments for the Main Equine Internal Parasites

Equine Parasites - A look at the main equine internal parasites, their symptoms and treatment