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Just ticklish or something serious?

Some horses are more sensitive than others, and that's normal. But there are some signs that could mean it's something more serious.

A quick sniff of your horse's nostrils can reveal a lot about his health. ©Kate Light.

Not-So-Sweet: Why Your Horse's Breath Stinks

If your horse's breath makes you cringe, investigate the possible causes of the problem.

Controlling Contagious Equine Diseases promo image

Controlling Contagious Equine Diseases

When an EHV-1 outbreak or other contagious equine disease strikes a community, here's how to respond to the crisis and reduce the risk to your horse.

An Equine Bladder-Stone Blockage promo image

An Equine Bladder-Stone Blockage

When an affable gelding suddenly develops trouble urinating, only emergency surgery can save his life.


How Bad is Your Horse's Cough?

Here's how to use your ears and eyes to distinguish between benign horse coughs and signs of trouble.

Seasonal Considerations for Cushing's Disease Tests promo image

Seasonal Considerations for Cushing's Disease Tests

Seasonal considerations to take into account when testing your horse for Cushing's Disease.

What's Your Horse's Colic Risk? promo image

What's Your Horse's Colic Risk?

EQUUS' 7-question survey can tell you your horse's chances of developing colic, as well as what you can do to protect his health.