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6 Things you may not have known about Pigeon fever

Once found mainly in California, this bacterial infection has now been documented in 25 states across the country. Here are 6 little known or sometimes forgotten facts about the infection.

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What to do first when your horse colicks

Call your veterinarian at the first signs of abdominal pain---but as you wait, take steps to keep your horse comfortable and prevent his condition from getting worse.


How to spot photosensitivity

Blistering and peeling on the pink skin are signs of a serious and painful reaction to sun exposure.


Coronavirus: An emerging threat?

Previously unknown in adult horses, this gastrointestinal virus has been responsible for more than a dozen outbreaks across the United States and overseas in the last five years. Here’s how you can protect your horse.


On the frontlines against EPM

Progress has been made in the detection and treatment of this potentially debilitating neurological disease, but much remains to be done. Here’s where we stand.


The mystery of shivers

Through a series of groundbreaking studies aided by selfless horse owners, a researcher is beginning to understand this rare but devastating neurological condition.

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The secret to stopping scratches

Protect the skin on your horse's pasterns and fetlocks from painful chapping during the wet spring months.


A girth-sore impostor

Ringworm can easily be mistaken for girth gall.


Stress of Pasture-to-stall Transition Studied

A sudden decrease in turnout time may take a physical toll on your horse.

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Reduce the Risk of Lyme Disease

Prevention and early recognition are the keys to protecting your horse against Lyme disease.