An oil-based shine product can help highlight the black points on your horse’s head and face. We also banded this gelding’s forelock, which made for a tidy, polished look.

9 Tips for Show-Ring Shine

Use these pre-show spiff-up tips to prep your horse for an eye-catching performance.

At first glance, this horse looks like he has conformation faults that could turn off a potential buyer. But they’re really the fault of a distracting background and a bad photography angle, coupled with lack of grooming and random leg placement.

How to Take a Photo That Sells

Learn how a few extra minutes and a little elbow grease can take your next sale-ad photo to a professional level.

There’s a reason why a horse’s white points are commonly called ‘chrome’—they’re an eye-catching added touch. Here’s how to keep your horse’s chrome sparkling.

Shine Your Horse's Chrome

Get your horse’s white points white with a top pro’s techniques.

Credit: Photo by Charles Mann/ Having the proper tools on hand helps to make stall mucking a less arduous task.

Seven Steps to Better, Easier Stall Mucking

It’s no one’s favorite job, but here’s how to save time and maximize results cleaning stalls.

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7 Signs of Saddle-Fit Trouble

Learn to recognize the subtle signs of saddle-fit problems, and how you can prevent them.

How to Clean and Condition a Saddle promo image

How to Clean and Condition a Saddle

Use tips from a leather-care pro to protect your saddle investment.

Field Guide to Horse Fences promo image

Field Guide to Horse Fences

Before you add or replace fencing on your horse property, get familiar with the pros, cons, and costs of your many choices in materials.

Fly-Control Battle Plan promo image

Fly-Control Battle Plan

Take arms! Here's a roundup of fly-fighting strategies to help you prepare for summer's bug battles.

Horse Blanket Hood-Fitting Do's and Don'ts promo image

Horse Blanket Hood-Fitting Do's and Don'ts

Does your horse need a hood to accompany his blanket, and how should it fit? Find out here.

Air blasts from strategically-placed fans will help keep flies at bay. | H&R photo files

Defeat the Enemy: Fly Control Options for Horse and Barn

Not only do flies and other bugs bite and sting your horses, they can spread disease. Read about the different ways you can defeat the enemy and keep flies away from your horse and barn.

Universities with equestrian programs may offer your horse a great home--like this donated reining horse at Texas A&M University. No matter where you donate your horse, check to see if the organization qualifies as a charity under IRS guidelines. | Photo by Glen Johnson, courtesy of Texas A&M University

Tax Tips for Donating Your Horse

If you're considering donating a horse, consider the following tax tips when seeking a deduction.