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Beverly Gray in front of painting of King of Malaysia Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin and Queen Tuanku Nur Zahirah.

Diary from American Endurance Rider Beverly Gray in Malasia

Beverly Gray describes her participation in the Sultans? Cup Terengganu Endurance Challenge which hosts over 80 local and international riders. It is a 120k (75 mile) course over much of the same area as the 2008 World Endurance Championship.

Jeremy Reynolds

Reynolds and his horse "Smitty" were one of 9 horse/rider teams that were successful in completing the third specific Selection trial in Oregon. With over 7,000 American Endurance Ride Miles, Reynolds is a rugged competitor and the eleven year old, Sir Smith, is in peak racing form.

A Change is as Good as a Rest in Ride & Tie

K.S. Swigart recommends Ride & Tie as a way to become a better endurance rider: it most definitely provides a better understanding of just what it is we are asking of our horses, and just what it is we can do to help them.

Alex and Butter Bea |

Endurance Riding Profile - Alexandra North - The Will to Ride

Endurance riding enthusiast Alexandra North and her horse CV Butter Bea have met the challenges of the sport of endurance riding - and then some!

Denise and Gamal |

A Desert Ride

A rider tackles her first endurance ride -- in the sands of Egypt -- with a little help from her friends. Written by Denise Hearst for Arabian Horse World.

Warren Hellman and Jeff Townsend with Corky | © Biz Eischen

Ride & Tie Women Give Men Run For Money

April 6, 2003 -- The 3rd installment of the 2003 Shine and Shine Only Ride & Tie proved a great battle of the sexes, with just 10 seconds separating the first and second place teams.

Three generations complete short course: Jeff Windeshausen, Shelby Craythorn, Rhonda Craythorn, Dave Posten | ? Bill Gore

32nd Annual Ride & Tie Championship

September 9, 2002 -- Brothers Con and Todd Wadsworth team up to win their fifth Ride & Tie Championship, followed closely by Jim Howard and Dennis Rinde 17 seconds later.

Endurance Riding Associations

Links to the Web sites of a variety of worldwide endurance riding associations.

Darolyn Butler-DialPhoto by Genie Stewart-Spears

In Her Own Words: Endurance Passion Born

Passionate but clueless in 1981, Darolyn Butler-Dial stepped into the endurance ride world for a single race--the Tevis Cup. Nearly 20,000 competitive miles later, she has never looked back!

Endurance Racing Riding Competition Strategies

Having a plan is not enough for international competition, endurance racer Ona Lawrence learned. You also need strategies for sticking with the plan despite self-doubt and race day jitters.

Postcard From the Hills of Vermont: The FEI Pan Am Endurance Championship in Vermont promo image

Postcard From the Hills of Vermont: The FEI Pan Am Endurance Championship in Vermont

Fran Jurga bites the dust (literally) of 88 hard-trotting endurance athletes at the FEI Pan Am Endurance Championship in Vermont; she was last seen back at the covered bridge, trying to coax her horse to cross so she wouldn't get her cameras wet in the ford.