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Great Horsemen Are Anything But Ordinary promo image

Great Horsemen Are Anything But Ordinary

Nominate your Favorite Equine Professional for the 2016 EQUUS Professional Horseman Award

Summer fun: Should you swim with your horse? promo image

Summer fun: Should you swim with your horse?

10 questions to ask before you make your first big splash

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Seven Things to Teach Your Trail Horse

Here are the seven things to teach your horse to keep your trail outings as harmonious and enjoyable as possible.

Photo Practical Horseman

Beware the Wind!

Protect your horses from winter's wicked winds.


First Frost Reminders

The first autumn frost brings some short-term health hazards that need watching.

Photo Stacey Nedrow-Wigmore

The Companion Horse

Can't keep your senior horse at home, but don't want to give him up? Find him a new home as companion horse.


Fear of Horse Fly Spray

Do you have a horse who reacts violently to the noise or sensation of being sprayed with fly spray? Here are four steps for easing his fear.


Riding Horses Safely in Traffic

Do your trail rides have to end where the public road begins? Not after our endurance rider expert shares her tips for safely riding your horse across roads and in traffic.

Follow-Up Care for Hardworking Horses promo image

Follow-Up Care for Hardworking Horses

Whether it was a full-day show, or a long trail ride, here's how to care for your horse the day after a taxing ride.

Older horses who eat manure may be bored, or looking for a source of roughage.

Coprophagy in Horses: Gross, but not Abnormal

A young horse may eat feces for a variety of reasons, none of which are cause for alarm.

A quick sniff of your horse's nostrils can reveal a lot about his health. ?Kate Light.

Why Your Horse's Breath Stinks

If your horse's breath makes you cringe, investigate the possible causes of the problem.

Vegetation along trails is more than scenery to your horse?it's a potential snack. ?EQUUS Magazine

Break Your Horse's Trail-Snacking Habits

A horse who eats on the trail isn't paying attention to his rider. Here's how to redirect his focus.


Tips for Trailering a Horse in Summer

If you will be trailering a horse in the summer, these tips will help keep your horse cool during transport.

Even in the shade of a run-in shed, flies can be interminable. Photo EQUUS

Fly Control for Your Run-In Shed

Make your run-in shed a "no fly zone" by using these fly control tips to protect your outdoor dwelling equines from the summer's worst offenders.

Wounds of all sizes can potentially become infected, but larger ones take longer to heal so you'll have to be watchful for complications longer. ?EQUUS Magazine

Is Your Horse's Wound Infected

As your horse heals from any type of wound, watch closely for these five signs of infection.

Learning more about the ingredients in joint supplements is a important step in choosing the one most suitable for your horse.

Joint Supplement Ingredients Explained

Choosing a joint supplement for your horse? Start by checking out the label and learning more about the ingredients the supplement contains.

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How Good Is Your Horse's Hearing

Is your horse not responding to your voice like he used to? Use these simple tasks to help tell if he's losing his hearing.


Inhibiting Mold and Mildew in Your Tack Room

Mold and mildew can have a devastating effect on your tack. Here's how to inhibit their growth in your tack room and protect your tack investment.

Limit access to lush pasture, especially when it is emerging in spring or recovering from drought. Photo by Hunter Messineo

10 Ways to Avoid Laminitis

Here are 10 ways to safeguard your horse from developing this potentially fatal hoof condition. From EQUUS magazine.

Courtesy EQUUS magazine

Minimize Mud in Your Horse Pasture This Spring

Escaping muddy horse pastures may be difficult for some, but here are some tips to minimize the effects of mud this spring.

Janne Matzner

Respiratory Noises in Exercising Horses

Here's how to investigate the strange noises your horse may be making as he works.

A safe, clean trough filled with fresh water is the best defense against equine dehydration in the heat of summer. ?EQUUS Magazine

Tend to Water Troughs to Keep Your Horse Drinking

To keep your horse hydrated in the summer months, tend to his waterers and troughs to make sure he has easy, safe access to clean water at all times.

Equine medical kit. Courtesy EQUUS magazine

Storing Equine Medications Safely

As you sort through your barn's medicine chest, follow these guidelines to ensure equine medications are stored properly.

Courtesy EQUUS magazine

Understanding the Lingo when Buying Horse Hay

Learn the essential hay terms to help you shop smarter when purchasing hay.