6 simple ways to prevent thrush promo image

6 simple ways to prevent thrush

Follow these steps to help prevent this common, smelly infection of the underside of the hoof.

Canker is more common in draft breeds and regularly trimming of long feathers may be necessary to control the condition.

Explaining Equine Canker

A veterinary expert describes how he treats this stubborn, smelly hoof condition.

Stay Alert for Laminitis this Fall promo image

Stay Alert for Laminitis this Fall

Equine laminitis isn't just a springtime problem. Here's why you need to remain on guard for laminitis well into the fall.

Arid summer weather can change the appearance of a horse's hooves.

Summertime Hoof Changes

Peeling, flaking hooves look alarming, but are a normal consequence of dry summer weather.

Life after Equine Laminitis promo image

Life after Equine Laminitis

When laminitis leads to permanent changes in a horse's hoof, veterinarians and farriers team up to preserve his comfort and soundness through targeted treatments.

An Inspiring Recovery from Two Hoof Injuries

After sustaining two severe hoof injuries as a yearling that threatened both his soundness and his life, a gelding named Fritz defies the odds of recovery.


Caring for your Horse's Hooves in Winter

When the seasons changes, so do your horse's hoof-care needs. Here's how to take care of your horse's hooves in winter.

Assessing hoof cracks promo image

Assessing hoof cracks

A hoof crack may be cause for concern or nothing to worry about. Here's a quick rundown of the type of hoof cracks you're likely to see on your horse and what the consequences of each might be.

Fall Laminitis Alert promo image

Fall Laminitis Alert

The risk of laminitis in the spring---when horses graze lush new pasture grass---is well understood, but fewer people are aware that cases of this devastating hoof condition also spike in the fall.

What's Your Laminitis IQ? promo image

What's Your Laminitis IQ?

Test your laminitis knowledge with our 12-question quiz.

Assess Your Horse's Laminitis Risk promo image

Assess Your Horse's Laminitis Risk

How likely is your horse to develop this devastating hoof condition? Take our 8-question survey to find out.

10 Ways to Avoid Laminitis promo image

10 Ways to Avoid Laminitis

Here are 10 ways to safeguard your horse from developing this potentially fatal hoof condition.

The Role of Glucose in Laminitis

New research looks at laminitis and its connection to glucose deprivation in hoof tissues.

Laminitis: The First 48 Hours promo image

Laminitis: The First 48 Hours

Well before laminitis stops a horse cold with excruciating hoof pain, it has already stirred up a destructive brew at the borderline between living flesh and inert hoof wall. By Emily Kilby for EQUUS magazine.

How to Spot Laminitis Early promo image

How to Spot Laminitis Early

Blood pressure and pulse are important early indicators of laminitis. Learning to take and interpret them when your horse is healthy can save precious time in an emergency.