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Feed Hay to Keep Your Horse Warm

Ignore the old groom's tale that they need corn to keep warm!

Safely Change Your Horses Feeds & Forage promo image

Safely Change Your Horses Feeds & Forage

Horses have evolved to handle a wide variety of vegetation in their diet, but with a few key differences between the feral horse and the domesticated horse. A horse ranging freely in search of food consumes nutrients such as carbohydrates and fats in a very diluted form because grasses and other plants are at least 75 percent water. Wild horses also get a lot more exercise than domesticated horses, which is important to good gut function. We don?t really know exactly why, but research bears this

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Two Delicious Bran Mash Recipes for Horses

An occasional bran mash is a tasty treat for your horse. Here's how to make a sugar-free apple mash and sweet celery soup.

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Grass Clippings Bad for Horses

Grass clippings that stay on the pasture after mowing, where they can dry in small amounts, are generally not a problem. But never gather them into piles to feed them to your horse.


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Tasty Holiday Treat Recipes for Your Horse

In the December '09 issue of Horse & Rider magazine we shared several holiday gift and party ideas for you, your barn pals and your horse. If you're looking for an inexpensive gift for your horse, try one of these fab holiday horse treat recipes!

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Top Nutrition for Weanlings

By starting with correct nutrition early in life, you can be assured your weanlings will get a healthy start.

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Feed Basics for Pregnant Mares

When your mare is eating for two, diet requirements are all about balance.

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Prebiotics and Probiotics Explained

Microorganisms in your horse's gut aid in digestion, but these little helpers need a boost from time to time with a balanced diet of their own.

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Let 'Em Eat Hay

Find out what's new in equine nutrition including grass, hay and other feeds, from our expert in the field and learn how these changes might affect your horse's diet

| Photo by Charles Mann

Feeding for Special Needs

Learn about feeding programs to help manage these five disorders in horses.

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Hold the Salt?

The loss of electrolytes (salts) from increased summer workloads may affect your horse’s performance and behaviour, therefore careful monitoring is needed.

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Special Report: Feed Recall

Few of us knew anything about the thousands of tons of potentially contaminated horse feed in circulation.

| ? Stacey Nedrow-Wigmore

Rider to Rider: Get Your Horse to Drink Water

How do you get your horse to drink unfamiliar water when away from home? Here are five more responses sent in by Practical Horseman readers that didn't fit in the May 2008 issue.

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Grass: It's What's For Dinner For Your Horse

In many instances, a well maintained pasture is the perfect way to feed an adult horse. After all, horses didn't evolve with grain and baled hay on the menu. Horses browsed for their meals, and the nutritional content of the diet changed with the season, environmental conditions, and the range they traversed.

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Is Alfalfa a Wise Choice?

It isn't a perfect food, but alfalfa can be a good staple in the horse's diet. There are a few caveats, but the key here is balance.

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Changing Horse Feeds & Forage Safely

When making seasonal adjustments to your horse's diet, you'll need to give his digestive tract time to adapt.

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Weanling and Yearling Diets Require Feed in Addition to Mare's Milk

Balance the diet of your weanling or yearling with the right feeds and healthy supplements.

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Feeding Horses Hay Free-Choice

Given a voice, most horses would vote in favor of having round-the-clock access to hay.

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Horse Hoof Supplement Helps Problem Feet

A balanced diet for your horse plays a key role in keeping a horse's feet healthy and avoiding chips and cracks