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For Parents


Book Review: Big Book of Hidden Horses

Deborah Eve Rubin has created a delightful collection of puzzles, quizzes and trivia that will fascinate parents as well as children.

Leading Cherokee to his new home. Photo Kristie Allison

Getting My First Horse

On her 16th birthday, Kristie Allison chose a horse over a '67 Mustang--and her life was forever changed.

Luke, Kate and Jim Neubert in 1987. Courtesy of the Neubert family.

Ranch Raised Kids and Horses

Ranch kids get well acquainted with hard work, traditions?-and a whole lot of freedom and fun. Courtesy AQHA's America's Horse Daily

Video: How to Change a Life

The Flag Foundation for Horse/Human partnership re-purposes race horses as teachers in the emerging field of equine-guided education.

Horse games at Drowsy Water Ranch. Journal photo

Horse Games

Fun shows and playdays make for some of the best times you?ll ever have horseback. Here are some of the games the AQHA feels you?ll want to adopt for your next horsey get-together.

Courtesy Glenwood Elementary School

Giving Kids in British Columbia the Chance to Fall in Love with Horses

The "A Pony Comes to School" program teaches elementary school children about safety, fun horse facts and the agricultural community.

Lukas and Karen

The Seasons According to Lukas, World?s Smartest Horse

Read the latest from Lukas, the "World's Smartest Horse," and his owner, Karen Murdock.

Courtesy Hank and The Square Peg Foundation

Retrained Thoroughbreds Help Autistic, Disabled Kids

Joell Dunlap's Square Peg Foundation helps ?square pegs,? the people and horses who don?t fit neatly into a one-size-fits-all society. She has found that working together, horse and rider teams help one another in critical, life affirming ways.

Be on the lookout for mental triggers for your horse. Illustration courtesy of the Quarter Horse Journal

Play It Safe At Horse Shows

Writing for America's Horse Daily, equine events coordinator Nancy Easton tells how to prevent accidents at shows.

National High School Rodeo Association Joins the Alltech Ag Network on iHigh

January 2012--In joining the the Alltech Ag Network on, the National High School Rodeo Association (NHSRA) has a feature-rich platform that will enable them to post news articles, share photos and video clips, and even live-stream broadcast their events online and to mobile devices.

Texas AgriLife Extension Service photo by Kathleen Phillips

New Veterinary Assistant Materials Give Kids Early Start on Animal Health Careers

Kids who love animals and science can start preparing for animal health careers as early as eight years old via an online veterinary science curriculum.

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Mentors Make a Difference in Young Riders' Lives

Here is a nod to the instrumental individuals who teach newcomers the ins and outs of horses. The things we learn from our mentors are never forgotten but passed on to new generations. From America's Horse Daily.

The Yost Family. Courtesy AERC

The Yost Family: Endurance Riding as a Family Sport

What's the perfect family sport for horse-crazy parents and their four young children? As the Yost family of Pocatello, Idaho, found out, endurance riding is a great way to spend time together doing what they love.

Courtesy Horse & Rider

Many Youth Activities Planned for QuarterFest 2010

Unveiling of a new Breyer model horse, fun youth activities and first-time rides on an American Quarter Horse are just a few of the QuarterFest activities scheduled for kids.

Courtesy Horse & Rider

How to Join a College Varsity Equestrian Team

The Varsity Equestrian National Championship (April 15-17, 2010) in Waco, Texas, showcases the country's best collegiate riders. Still in high school? Here's now you can become a member of a college riding team.

Courtesy Horse & Rider

Youth Scholarships: RHSF Will Honor Leadership and Achievement Within NRHyA

The Reining Horse Sports Foundation (RHSF) is committed to providing leadership and scholarship opportunities to its youth members. At this time, RHSF is offering $10,500 in academic and need-based scholarships for seven youth members.

The Sweet Running Filly by Barbara Van Tuyl

Book Review: The Sweet Running Filly

First published in 1971, everything about The Sweet Running Filly rings true, right down to the very skillful country voice that the narration and dialogue are written in. And despite the rollicking, quick story, despite the excellent voice and the witty

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Realizing Dreams

With the support of the Youth World Show Assistance Fund, AQHYA members are able to see their dreams become a reality.In the past four years, with the assistance of this program, 240 have received financial support enabling them to travel, attend and compete in the Built Ford Tough Youth World Championship Show.

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University of Kentucky Saddle Up SAFELY Program

Saddle Up SAFELY brochures from the University of Kentucky promote safe practices for those who ride or work around horses through a broad-based, multi-media educational campaign developed in partnership with community, state, and national organizations.

Webinar: Selecting the Right Youth Horse

A good youth horse is a special equine friend, instilling confidence and good life skills to its young owner. In this webcast by My Horse University, Dr. Christine Skelly discusses what to look for in a horse for a youngster. She is the Equine Extension S

Kids Learn Dressage. Photo by Becky Lamas

How to Make Dressage Fun for Kids

To interest young riders in dressage, think outside the box.

Glossary of Equine Terms

Here is an alphabetized list of the most common horse terms the new rider should know.

Julie Goodnight

Instilling Confidence in Young Riders

Each individual in the herd is either subordinate to or dominant over every other individual in the herd. Since this is the only way that horses know to act, it is also how they relate to their human herd members. We need to think of the horse and its rid