Get Fit To Ride

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Are You in Shape to Show?

Sometimes horse owners become so wrapped up in the care, comfort and performance of their horses that they forget that they are half of the competitive team. The rider?s physical fitness, nutrition, rest and overall health also play a determining role in the overall show ring performance. Here are ways competitors can consider their own personal care during competitions. From America's Horse Journal

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Staying Fit as Your Body Changes

Sometimes as riders, it seems that we find ourselves reaching the understanding we've been seeking for years, only to find our body isn't keeping up. The rules have changed. You may have prepared to ride using your body a certain way, but an injury, aging or other circumstance change the rules on you.

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Fit to Ride

Being fit to ride will help prevent fatigue and injury. It's true that riding is just more than sitting on a horse. Riders are athletes in every sense of the word and riders must be fit to ride, which means having the suppleness and strength to maintain their position and posture no matter what the horse is doing underneath them without straining muscles.