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Regardless of how much work you’ve put in with your new horse beforehand, your first time in the show pen together will be a fact-gathering experience. Take what you learn, and apply it for next time.

New Horse? First Show? Read This

No matter how seasoned or well- trained, a horse that’s new to you requires a first-show game plan. Prepare with a pro’s advice.

Horses Pawing in the Trailer promo image

Horses Pawing in the Trailer

Do you have trouble with your horses pawing while in the trailer? Check out this Q&A with Julie Goodnight.

Riding can improve your fitness, and fitness can improve your riding. Follow these guidelines to improve your balance and effectiveness as a rider. | Photo by Darrell Dodds

Get Fit, Ride Better

Getting into better shape can make you a better rider. Our weight-training exercises are guaranteed to work--and they take just minutes a week.

A clear trail and crisp fall days make for some great riding. | © Darrell Dodds

Fall Trail Riding Tips

From clearing brush to trail footwear selection, we offer tips from two experts who'll keep you on track.