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Ground work

If you feel your horse even thinking about genuine bucking, do a one-rein stop to prevent it. Once you’ve got him stopped, get off and go right to work moving his feet from the ground.

No Bucking Broncos!

Do your groundwork in advance, then know precisely what to do if your horse does buck or crow-hop.

I’ve approached my horse like I’m on a mission, and my horse isn’t reacting well. Any time you approach a horse like you’ll do something to him, he’ll try to flee.

Overcome Chronic Spooking

Ty Brazeal offers advice to help a horse past his tendency to spook at what the rider calls “everything,” despite her best efforts to desensitize the horse to the upsetting stimuli.

Clinton Anderson: Longeing for Respect, Part 1 promo image

Clinton Anderson: Longeing for Respect, Part 1

Learn to send your horse onto a circle, then ask him to stop, in this first of two parts on longeing for respect.