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Understand Hot and Cold Therapy

Your horse is injured, and you’re not sure if you should be running for hot water or an ice pack. Which is best, and when do you use it?


Top 10 Blood Tests

Learn what blood tests are most meaningful to your veterinarian—and what basic lab work will (or won’t) tell you about your horse’s health.

The Grain–Brain Connection promo image

The Grain–Brain Connection

A recent study shows that horses on high-grain rations spent more time being alert for signs of danger than those on an all-hay diet.


Horse Health by the Season

Winter, spring, summer, or fall…all you’ve got to do is remember what your horse needs to stay healthy. Our seasonal guide will help you.

How to Stop Your Horse's Strange Bit Behavior promo image

How to Stop Your Horse's Strange Bit Behavior

Does your horse seem uncomfortable when bridled? It could be due to a variety of issues.

Roadwork: Is it Good or Bad for Your Event Horse? promo image

Roadwork: Is it Good or Bad for Your Event Horse?

An equine vet weighs in on the health risks associated with conditioning your event horse on hard roads.

How to Treat Your Horse's Swollen Legs promo image

How to Treat Your Horse's Swollen Legs

Equine veterinarian, Gina Tranquillo, VDM, explains why horses' legs often swell when stalled overnight.

Your horse is acting really weird. Does he just need a vacation? Or is something really wrong? Find out how to tell.

'Why Does He Do That?'

Learn when your horse’s odd behaviors might mean something’s really wrong, and what you should do about it.

Effect of Equine Flu Shot promo image

Effect of Equine Flu Shot

How effective is the equine flu shot?

Credit: Photo courtesy of EasyCare, Inc. The shoeless hoof can expand and contract the way nature intended. To be comfortable barefoot, your riding horse needs the right kind of trimming plus thoughtful management.

Best Barefoot Strategies

Work with a knowledgeable pro and consider all the options when helping your horse go shoeless.

Credit: Photo by Jim Bortvedt When you see something like this on your horse’s skin, it’s time to call your vet. The growth is likely to be a sarcoid tumor, and it can grow explosively worse if not caught, monitored, and treated with care.

Sarcoid Tumors: On Alert!

Learn how to recognize these common skin tumors, and what steps you should take if you suspect you’ve found a sarcoid on your horse.


Is Variable Salt Intake Normal?

A horse owner wonders why some horses gobble their salt blocks while others hardly touch theirs.


Own the Perfect Patient

Teach your horse seven essential skills that will put him right on top of your vet’s ‘favorite patient’ list.

All Ears: Horse Hearing Problems promo image

All Ears: Horse Hearing Problems

Your horse’s sense of hearing helps him to make sense of his surroundings. Learn how he hears and how to handle hearing-related problems.


Rehab Right!

Fact or fiction? Learn the truth about safe and effective rehabilitation strategies.

No Sweat: Anhidrosis in Horses promo image

No Sweat: Anhidrosis in Horses

Anhidrosis, the inability to sweat correctly, can spell trouble for your horse’s performance and health.