Hoof Care

Red lines illustrate the multiple unhealthy angles this foot has developed. I replaced the horse's too-small shoes (upper inset) with rolled-toe heart-bar shoes (lower inset) so his feet can begin to grow at a normal angle (yellow line) that matches the slope of his pastern. | ? Practical Horseman

Underrun Heels in Horses

On a healthy foot, heel and toe grow from the coronary band to the ground at the same angle; when the angle of the heel is less than that of the toe (making it look flattened out), the heels are considered "underrun."

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Feel Your Horse's Footsteps

What if, by feeling where and when your horse picks up his hooves and places them on the ground, you could better influence his body? Learn how to figure out when and where your horse is placing his hooves so riding in your saddle becomes more comfortable.


Winter Hoof Treatment for Horses

A healthy horse's hoof can withstand winter temperatures very well, but if your horse has hoof problems, the cold can take a toll. Your horse may begin to move more stiffly, even when he's not on frozen, uneven ground.