Planning a horse-camping adventure? Start conditioning your horse early. Too many riders simply assume their horses will be up to trail-riding tasks, then get in trouble because their aspirations expand when they hit the trail. Shown is Emily Aadland aboard Redstar above the Little Missouri River in North Dakota.

5 Top Camping-Prep Tips

Use these expert tips to prepare for a horse-camping adventure, whether you’re planning to camp at the trailhead or in the backcountry.

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Horse Containment While Camping

We were camped under aspens at an idyllic spot where two creeks met, our tent on high ground between the gurgling streams, our spirits not dampened by the several inches of new wet snow that weighed


Horse Camping Tips

This season, you've promised yourself you'll make the leap. You're ready to camp with your horse -- well, for just one night. You'll camp beneath the stars before a day

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Avoid a Horse-Camp Disaster

Learn how to avoid your horse camping adventure by planning well and avoiding flood and fire disasters.

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Dinner, Bed and Breakfast with Your Horse

Your guide to a perfect overnight-camping adventure with your equine friend.

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Horse Camping

See how you can camp with your horse and use the right equipment for your overnight stay.

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Trailers for Horse Camping

When shopping for a trailer for horse camping and trail riding, select add-ons carefully. Greater comfort means greater size, which isn't always practical when camping near trees, and parking in trailhead areas.