Horse Care

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Avoid Big Vet Bills

You can save $100s, even $1,000s on vet-care costs with simple changes to your everyday routine.

Ulcers in the Dressage Horse

Recent research developments are shifting some of the focus from gastric ulceration to hindgut ulceration

Horse-Show Biosecurity: Is Your Horse at Risk?

For competitors, protecting their horses’ health must be a priority at all times, not just when it’s convenient.

Why Is My Horse Acting Irritable?

Emma Hardy, PhD answers a reader question.

How Can I Keep My Horse Happy and Fit?

USDF gold medalist Gigi Nutter gives advice on how to keep a talented dressage horse content.

Horse Joint Supplements Guide promo image

Horse Joint Supplements Guide

Confused by all the formulas out there? Here are the most common ingredients in joint nutraceuticals, what they do and the recommended levels

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Painting Those Toes

Hoof dressings serve a number of purposes, including one that might surprise you!

Summer Health Precautions for Dressage Horses

Veterinarians offer tips on how to keep your horse safe and comfortable in the scorching summer months.

Summer Fly Control for Horses

What Are the Most Common Mistakes in Fly Control?

Credit: Dusty Perin/ Clinicians recommend regular performance evaluations of a young working horse. These should include flexion exams of all major joints and an examination of his motion.

Managing Equine Arthritis

What measures should be taken to maintain a young performance horse?

The sheet-style Rambo New market cooler is wonderful for your bottom cooler layer, but for the top you'll want a traditional square cooler that goes over the neck, too.

Bathing Your Horse in Winter

Waterless shampoos have their place in our barn.

Horse Journal OnCall: Winter Neck Covers promo image

Horse Journal OnCall: Winter Neck Covers

My horse loses his mane every winter.