Horse clothing

Blankets can offer your horse warmth and protection during cold weather, but uncovering which one fits your horse

Horse Blanket Know-How

Demystify the blanket-buying process with our tested tips and guide to horse blanket lingo.

Horse Blanket Bingo: 10 Readers' Recommendations

Finding just the right horse blanket is like hitting a jackpot. Let these reality-based recommendations help steer you to the best choice for you and your horse.

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Blanket Features that Solve Blanketing Problems

These six sample horse blankets have features that help solve particular blanketing problems.

Karen O'Connor's Top Horses Model Spring Sheets

Go behind the scenes with this video of a photo shoot starring Mandiba, All Star and the late super pony, Theodore O'Connor, at Karen and David O'Connor's Ocala, Fla., farm.

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Seven Great Horse and Rider Makeovers

Seven riders--and their horses--find the fashion fixes to put them on the road to riding success in these Everything For Horse & Rider makeovers.

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New Products for 2008: Winter Outerwear

Stay snug and warm from hard hat to boot tips in these winter riding threads.

Different sports call for different types of leg protection. Here, a reining horse wears skid boots. | Photo by Darrell Dodds

Horse Boot Options

Leg protection comes in many different forms. Here's an at-a-glance explanation of intended uses for different types of boots.

Renowned Morgan trainer Eitan Beth-Halachmy singles out a custom saddle as the most unique gift he

Gifts and Gadgets for Riders

Some top trainers name their favorite gadgets and gifts to help you with your gift list this holiday season. By April Fingerlos.

Care of Your Horse's Boots and Wraps promo image

Care of Your Horse's Boots and Wraps

Regular care and cleaning of your horse's boots and wraps will protect him from rubs and catch potential breakages before they happen. Written by Jayne Pedigo for EquiSearch.

Leg Protection for Working Horses

Protecting the legs of working horses will help save them from stress-related injuries and self-inflicted interference. Written by Jayne Pedigo for EquiSearch.

Leg Protection for Horses promo image

Leg Protection for Horses

Knowing what type of leg protection to use, when to use it and how to apply it will keep your horse safe and lessen the chances of injury.

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Horse Blanket Q&A

Horse blanket manufacturers answer some of your most common questions about the use and care of blankets for your horse.