Horse Conditioning


Easing Equine Aches with Liniment

Modern formulas go one step farther than your grandpa's favorite

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Special Report: Drug-Resistant Parasites, Is Your Horse at Risk?

New research shows equine parasites might be becoming resistant to common dewormers. Here's how to combat the problem.

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Perfect Recall

Exciting new studies from the Equine Research Foundation definitively prove that the horse's memory is extraordinary.

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Good Grooming Ground Rules

Grooming your horse should be pleasant for both of you, but you need to be careful and considerate about how you work around your horse

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Vitamin D and Sunshine for Your Horse

Sunshine and Vitamin D are just as important to horses as they are to humans. Also, sun-cured forages contain vitamin D. If a horse is not exposed to the sun, or is fed poor-quality hay, a vitamin D deficiency could occur.

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'Go Green' in Your Horse Pasture

When it comes to caring for the environment, horse owners can make a significant difference. Changes to weed control, barn lightening, and fly control are large helps.

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Horse Growth Continues With Age

A horse's growth in height is essentially complete by the age of 3, but his spine takes a full five years to mature. This means your horse will continue to grow in length after he stops gaining in height.

An Eastern Approach to Treating Laminitis in Horses promo image

An Eastern Approach to Treating Laminitis in Horses

Looking for alternative treatments for laminitis in horses? Dr. Joyce Harman explains the traditional Chinese approach to treating laminitis.

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Antioxidants-Defenders of Health in Horses

Antioxidants have received a lot of attention. Everyone has heard the term, knows they are beneficial, but may not completely understand what they are or what they do-and, just as importantly to horse owners, why horses need them too. Many horse feeds now include antioxidant ingrediants in them.

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The Magic and Mystery of a Horse's Movement

There are breeds of horses that seem to be built by the angels to clear high buildings in a single bound who simply don't enjoy jumping. There are breeds of horses who carry the blood of cutting horse royalty that prefer being trail horses.

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Breeding Horses For Color

Horses come in all colors, and increasingly, veterinarians and breeders are understanding what traits are dominant in terms of passing specific color patterns on to future offspring, particularly in the paint horse breeds overo, tobiano, appaloosa, etc.

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Equine Herbal Treatments

Feeding herbs to horses is rapidly becoming more popular. Some of these herbs are actually part of the natural diet of a grazing horse and do not have much medicinal effect.

Horse Eyesight and Vision Health Care

a horse's vision is different from a human's, they have a blind spot directly in front of them and one directly behind and other than that can see almost 360 degrees.

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How Old is That Horse?

Though not an exact science, reading a horse's mouth and teeth can tell us your horse's approximate age.

Alternative Therapies for Horse Health Care

Nowadays, more and more horse owners are looking beyond the realms of conventional medicine to alternative therapies when seeking health care options for their horses. By Jayne Pedigo for EquiSearch. Written by Jayne Pedigo.

Equine Massage Therapy Training Programs promo image

Equine Massage Therapy Training Programs

Need an equine massage therapist or interested in learning how? Here's a small sampling of formal equine massage therapy training programs.

Equine Massage Therapy Schools promo image

Equine Massage Therapy Schools

A listing of schools which offer courses in Equine Massage Therapy.