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Horse Health

Health Update: Your Horse Knows When You’re Angry promo image

Health Update: Your Horse Knows When You’re Angry

Horse owners often pick up on a horse’s cranky mood from his body language, and the latest research is showing that horses can also tell when a human is angry based on facial expressions.

A Lift For Broken-Leg Recovery promo image

A Lift For Broken-Leg Recovery

Researchers are working on the development and testing of a unique robotic lift system that would take the place of a traditional sling for horses with severe limb injuries such as a broken leg.

Long-Haul Travel Risks promo image

Long-Haul Travel Risks

A new study suggests that shipping with professional drivers for long-distance travel can help reduce the chances of your horse getting sick or injured.

Evaluating Form and Function promo image

Evaluating Form and Function

A little geometry goes a long way in training your current horse or shopping for your next.

Fighting Laminitis promo image

Fighting Laminitis

New research on a devastating disorder is leading treatment advances and prevention.

How do I keep my horse hydrated during the winter? promo image

How do I keep my horse hydrated during the winter?

An equine vet offers some tips on how to keep your horse hydrated and healthy during the winter months.

Preventing and Relieving Tightness in Your Horse's Poll promo image

Preventing and Relieving Tightness in Your Horse's Poll

Here's what you can do to prevent and treat motion problems caused by muscle tightness in this key area of your horse's body.

Horse Hock Massage for Better Performance promo image

Horse Hock Massage for Better Performance

Tightness in a horse's hind-end muscle can affect performance. A top equine sports massage therapist explains how to recognize and fix it.

New Vaccination Rule for Showing promo image

New Vaccination Rule for Showing

Starting on December 1, 2015, the U.S. Equestrian Federation will be setting new vaccination requirements for horses competing at their sanctioned shows.

A Gentle End: Humane Equine Euthanasia promo image

A Gentle End: Humane Equine Euthanasia

A new study shows that the widely used euthanasia method is effective and humane for horses.

Stressed in the Stall promo image

Stressed in the Stall

Solo stabling can stress a horse.

Is Sheath Cleaning Necessary? promo image

Is Sheath Cleaning Necessary?

Can you skip the dirty job of sheath cleaning?

Growing Danger: Poisonous Plants to Avoid promo image

Growing Danger: Poisonous Plants to Avoid

Protect your horse by learning about the plants that pose the biggest health risk to him.

Credit: Heidi Melocco

Hot Days, Cool Rides

Top trainer/clinician Julie Goodnight offers her three-step guide to helping your horse stay cool on the trail.

Laminitis: Autumn Risks promo image

Laminitis: Autumn Risks

Is your horse more at risk for laminitis in the cooler autumn months? Use our expert information to help prevent this potentially crippling disease.

The most important single factor in preventing heat stress is providing plenty of clean, fresh water and trace mineralized salt to all horses. Journal photo.

Heat Stress in Horses

As temperatures rise, monitor horse health closely.

Horse with fly mask

10 Tips to Protect Your Horses from Insects

Follow these tips to protect your horses from insects and parasites and make your property less fly-friendly.

The longissimus costarum, just below the longissimus dorsi, extends across the horse's ribs. This muscle assists in extending the spine and in flexing it laterally. | ? Jim Leiby

Relieve Your Horse's Back Tightness with Massage

You can address some types of back pain in your horse with a safe, simple sportsmassage technique.

horse wrap

Be Prepared for an Equine Emergency

The American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) offers these tips to help you prepare for any equine emergency.

If your horse is wet, a polar fleece cooler will help pull the moisture away from his coat while keeping him from getting chilled. | ? Amy K. Dragoo

Dry Your Damp Horse in Winter

A competitor and veterinarian teaches you how to use a cooler to wick your damp horse dry on a cold winter day.

Even when provided the option of shelter, your horses may prefer to stand outdoors in winter weather. ? EQUUS Magazine

Winter Shelter for Pastured Horses

Although horses are highly adapted for cold weather, those who live outdoors may still need some shelter from harsh winter weather.

Your horse may enjoy it, but that cold air and snow can set the state for skin problems. Horse Journal

Equine Winter Skin Care

Nip problems before they become major issues, looking deeply into that long winter coat.

Photo Practical Horseman

Beware the Wind!

Protect your horses from winter's wicked winds.