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'I Give, You Give'

Feeling hands and a consistent approach will recondition a “heads-up” horse to flex at the poll.

Scheduling a lameness exam will enable you to pick up or head off any subtle problems that could lead to resistance and resentment, and create a baseline for your vet. It’ll also make him or her part of your performance team.

5 Ways to be a Horseman Now

Find out how these simple steps can help you improve your relationship—and performance—with your horse.

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No More Wrong Leads!

Learn to nail your lope transitions with this demonstration from world champion trainer Carol Metcalf.

Your time is precious—whether you’re spending it with your family, at your job, or working with your horse. That last one is where we come in. Learn about groundwork and mounted exercises you can do to maximize your horse time. Plus, these exercises will benefit both you and your horse and build your confidence in each other.

Every Minute Counts

Whether you’ve got 10 minutes or 90, these exercises will help you and your horse make the most of your precious time.

The Confident Rider: Get Softness and Control promo image

The Confident Rider: Get Softness and Control

Use this figure-8-in-a-circle exercise to up your horse's flexibility and responsiveness.

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Clinton Anderson: Build Good Habits

Don't let minor faults become ingrained in your horse's mind--correct them from the get-go.

The Buck Stops Here promo image

The Buck Stops Here

Learn why your horse bucks and how to put an end to it from clinician and trainer Dan Keen.

A large piece of plywood can transform a barn aisle into a trail class obstacle course when you use it as a 'bridge' for your horse to cross. | Photos by Caroline Fyffe

Small-Space Training with Your Horse

Weather putting a damper on quality time with your horse? Try these tips when training space is limited, and make the most of cold-weather downtime.


Longeing Do's and Don'ts

Seven tips to make sure longeing your horse is the safe and helpful exercise it was meant to be.