How-To Videos

Video: AQHA Fundamental Halter Training

Pressure and release are the two foundations of teaching your horse how to yield to the halter. Pressure motivates and release teaches.

Video: How To Lead Your Horse From a Herd

Wading into a bunch of loose horses to collect yours can be daunting. This video from the Bay Area Equestrian Network shows how to do it safely.

Video: How to Properly Fit Your Western Saddle

In this video Pam Tanner shows you what to consider and what to do in fitting your horse with a western saddle.

Video: How to Fit a Western Bit

Justine Gandolfo of California shows how to achieve a comfortable fit of the bit for your horse and best control for you. Courtesy Bay Area Equestrian Network.

Video: How to Remove a Loose Shoe

Becky Cothran shows us how to safely and efficiently remove a loose shoe using common tools.

Video: Is Your Saddle a Pain in the Rear?

In this video, Certified Master Saddle Fitter Jochen Schleese shows you what to look for when assessing saddle fit for the rider.

Video: How to Read a Lip Tattoo

Learn how to read a lip tattoo, which varies in different breeds. Courtesy Bay Area Equestrian.

Video: How to Plait Your Horse's Mane

From Horseland Australia comes a great little video on how to plait your horse's mane.

Video: Working Around a Horse's Hindquarters

Paula Hitzler tells you how to safely work around a horse's hindquarters. From My Horse University

Video: Handling Your Mount When a Horse is Loose

Paula Hitzler of My Horse University discusses how to handle your horse if another horse is loose around him.

Video: Proper Saddle Placement with Tommy Garland

In this short video tip, Tommy explains how to properly place your saddle.

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Live Life Like a Cowboy

Why not plan the trip of a lifetime... experience the Wild West, riding the plains, driving cattle, living the life of a true cowboy.

Video: Dressing Safely for Riding

Pat Parelli shares with us about being safety conscious in the way that you dress for horse training and horse riding.This clip features a couple of students of the Parelli Natural Horse Training method, all of whom are aiming to become great horse trainers.

Video: How to Safely Groom Your Horse

Watch how horse trainer Pat Parelli uses natural horse training methods to set Savvilicious at ease to be groomed in a new location.

Video: How to Approach a Horse in a Corral

Horse trainer Pat Parelli explains why respecting your horse's personal space is important when approaching him in his corral.

Video: How to Climb Hills with Your Horse

Horse trainers Linda and Pat Parelli demonstrate how to ride your horse up and down hills, using natural horse training methods.

Video: Handling Your Horses Feet

In this video Pat Parelli shows us a couple of horse training tips on working with your horse's feet.

Video: How to Halter Your Horse

In this video Linda Parelli show us how to wisely catch and halter horses and also talks about horse training methods.

Video: How to Lead a Horse

In this video Pat Parelli shares a couple of horse training tips and methods for successfully leading your horse.

Pat and Linda Parelli on Safely Riding Horses Near Roads

Pat and Linda Parelli tell us how to safely ride our horses near roads and traffic

Parelli Horse Training -- Saddling the Friendly Way

Linda Parelli shows the rider how to saddle a horse "the friendly way" so he is comfortable with the process.

Video: How to Approach a Horse Safely

This video by eXtension HorseQuest tells the new rider how to safely approach a horse as well as other helpful tips.