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Injuries and First Aid


When wounds don't heal

To help figure out why some equine cuts, scrapes and lacerations fail to mend, an international wound-care expert has compiled a list of the top 12 healing inhibitors.


Safe & Successful Comebacks

After your horse has been sidelined due to injury or illness, you need to be careful when you return him to work. Here’s how to keep him healthy and happy after four common causes of lay-ups.

Flushing Equine Wounds: The First Step in Treatment promo image

Flushing Equine Wounds: The First Step in Treatment

Thoroughly rinsing a wound is a critical first step in keeping infection at bay.

Cover wounds if possible to reduce the chance of infection. Photo © EQUUS

How to Help Wounds Heal

Most minor skin wounds are not cause for worry. Still, you'll want to do everything you can to support the healing process.

Types of Colic promo image

Types of Colic

Here's a quick look at four common colic terminologies and what they mean.

Horse Wounds: To Bandage or Not to Bandage? promo image

Horse Wounds: To Bandage or Not to Bandage?

Not all injuries require bandaging and some may actually fare better left uncovered Consider these variables before dressing an injury.


Watch out for 8 common equine skin diseases

Here's what you need to know about those skin lumps, bumps and bald patches on your horse that you can probably handle on your own.

Preventing Heat Stress in Horses promo image

Preventing Heat Stress in Horses

On summer days, it can be difficult to distinguish normal fatigue and sweatiness from dangerous heat stress in horses. Here's what to look for and how to safeguard your horse's well-being.

EQUUS Chart: Horse Skin Problems promo image

EQUUS Chart: Horse Skin Problems

Download this chart to help you identify eight common ailments that develop on a horse's skin. From the editors of EQUUS magazine.

Spotting Skin Problems Early promo image

Spotting Skin Problems Early

Use this reference guide to identify your horse's skin troubles and decide what to do about them. By Matthew Mackay-Smith, DVM for EQUUS magazine.

How to Wrap a Hoof Injury promo image

How to Wrap a Hoof Injury

Here's how to apply a hoof bandage that will stay put and keep the wound clean.


Learn to Identify Horse Skin Problems

Is your horse's skin blotched, blemished or bedeviled? An informed investigation can help find the cause of the problem and speed the cure. By Laura Hillenbrand for EQUUS magazine.

| Signs of mild photosensitivity may appear on the white parts of a horse, especially on the face and fetlocks.

Is Your Horse Getting Too Much Sun?

Learn the causes and signs of photosensitivity in horses.

All About Rain Rot On Horses promo image

All About Rain Rot On Horses

Here's how to identify and treat this spring-time skin condition.


Too Young for Leg Wraps?

EQUUS's Founding Medical Editor addresses the issue of wrapping a young horse's legs and the routine use of stable bandages.