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Correct Body Alignment to Ride Bending Lines

Use correct body alignment to ride a bending line with true connection

How to Remedy Forging in Dressage Horses

Joy Congdon explains her answer.

Hanna Somatic Education for Dressage Riders

Learn how this system of neuromuscular education can help you use your body more effectively in the saddle.

How Do I Make Dressage More Appealing?

USDF gold medalist Beth Glosten suggests enticing newbies by sharing with them the benefits of dressage

Setting Your Horse Up For Success

Tips on how to train your horse in a fair and logical way.

Should I Punish My Horse for Misbehavior?

USDF gold medalist Jaime Amain tells us how to correct a horse properly

How Do I Stay with My Horse During Transitions?

USDF gold medalist Katie Hoefs-Martin explains how a strong core helps in riding transitions

How to Use Self-Carriage to Improve Your Horse

Understand the German term "Dehnungshaltung" to help make your horse more beautiful through self-carriage.

Can Wiggling My Fingers Help Get My Horse on the Bit?

USDF gold medalist John Zopatti offers an honest opinion on wiggly fingers

Switching Disciplines with Your Horse

Simple advice for those converting from hunters to dressage

How to Find Correct Upper Body Position

Susanne von Dietze critiques Katie Nayak at First Level.

How Do I Get a More Elastic Trot with My Dressage Horse?

FEI 3* dressage judge Sandy Hotz offers advice on how to make a horse's trot more elastic.

Dressage Fitness and Balance with Cavalletti

Germany’s Ingrid Klimke and Dr. Ina Goesmeier offer tips at the New England Dressage Association Symposium.

Sit Correctly to Improve Balance

Biomechanics expert Susanne von Dietze critiques Lesley Grove at Intermediaire.

Learn How to Conquer Your Fear of Riding

Sport performance coach Laura King offers advice on how to come back to riding dressage after a fall.

Develop Your Dressage Horse's Topline

Olympian Sue Blinks discusses developing your dressage horse’s topline so it serves as a suspension bridge of musculature, making self-carriage possible.

How to Achieve Real Uphill Balance

USDF Certified Instructor Candy Allen discusses how to create more freedom in a horse's shoulder and achieve uphill balance

Become a Thinking Rider

Jenny Susser on how to become a thinking rider

Dressage Life: Straightness and Balance in the Horse promo image

Dressage Life: Straightness and Balance in the Horse

A tenacious back injury opens a dressage rider's eyes to the real meaning of developing straightness and balance in her horse.

The Nine Points of Saddle Fitting

Your saddle affects the way you ride and the way your horse performs. Learn how to evaluate this very basic piece of riding equipment. Written by Stacey Nedrow-Wigmore for Dressage Today magazine.

How to Ride a Spiral Circle

Katherine Bateson-Chandler explains this useful exercise to help develop collection while maintaining forwardness.