Learn To Drive

Driving Road Safety Series: Planning Ahead

Joanne Bellion-Povenski says that her purpose in this series is to help you prepare to drive in the most ?non horse friendly? environment you can imagine: the public roads. When she was asked during her professional carriage-driving career what it is like to drive in city traffic, she described it as similar to navigating a sailboat in a crowded harbor of power boats.

Arena Driving Trials 101

The simplest version of Combined Driving seems to confuse even the most experienced competitors and organizers. The simple truth about them is that they are simple. Of course, the rules only tell you what the penalties are and what you're supposed to do before you go wrong.

Driving - Cones. Photo by Mandy Lorraine

Driving Ambition

Once a vital form of transportation, driving is believed to pre-date horseback riding as the earliest form of equestrian conveyance. Its history is part and parcel of the human experience, and its practice is still cultivated around the world.