Learn To Ride

Don?t beat yourself up when you think you're in a rut. Instead, embrace the opportunity to improve your horse's skills and your own horsemanship. Photo by Kimberly Boyd-Vickery

Seven Ways to Move Past a Riding Plateau

Identify your problem, then use these strategies to get back on your way toward your goals.


United States Pony Clubs 2012 Championships East

The competition takes place July 26-29 at the Virginia Horse Center in Lexington, VA. Seven different disciplines will be contested.

Leading Cherokee to his new home. Photo Kristie Allison

Getting My First Horse

On her 16th birthday, Kristie Allison chose a horse over a '67 Mustang--and her life was forever changed.

Bob Jeffreys and Suzanne Sheppard teach at the 2010 WEG. Journal photo

Is It My Horse, Or Is It Me?

America's Horse Daily has answers as to why your horse won't stand still for you to mount.

Ken McNabb and Jericho. Journal photo

The First 30 Days With Your Horse

What to focus on during your first month?s worth of rides on your horse.

Luke, Kate and Jim Neubert in 1987. Courtesy of the Neubert family.

Ranch Raised Kids and Horses

Ranch kids get well acquainted with hard work, traditions?-and a whole lot of freedom and fun. Courtesy AQHA's America's Horse Daily

Kristie Allison and Cherokee

Horses and Flying Saucers Don't Mix

Kristie Allison's scheme to combine sledding and riding does not work out exactly as planned.

Set your horse up to succeed by using your aids in a way that enables him to "find" what you want. Only when he understands a movement, such as bending, should you begin asking him to do it a specific way. Photo by Caroline Fyffe

Sandy Collier?s Western Horse Training Secrets

World champion trainer Sandy Collier shares horse training secrets in her book, "Reining Essentials: How to Excel in Western?s Hottest Sport," adapted for Horse&Rider magazine.

Joe Wolter. Journal photo

Lead On

How easy is it to pick up the correct lead? Much easier if you think like a horse.

To help your horse to feel more connected with the ground, stroke his legs and tap his hooves. Photo courtesy of Linda Tellington-Jones

Control a Spook in Your Horse

Teach your horse to control his spooky behavior by working him on an obstacle course with Linda Tellington-Jones's help.

Curt Pate. Photo by America's Horse Daily

How to Catch Your Horse

Pointers on changing your methods if your horse is difficult to catch.

Courtesy of America's Horse Daily

How to Hold Your Reins

AQHA Professional Horseman Bennie Sargent shows you how to achieve power steering. From the AQHA's America's Horse Daily.

Photo Linda Tellington-Jones

Build Trust With Your Horse

Improve the bond of trust between you and your horse for enhanced trail riding performance using TTouch with Linda Tellington-Jones.

Video: Handling Your Mount When a Horse is Loose

Paula Hitzler of My Horse University discusses how to handle your horse if another horse is loose around him.

Trail Etiquette

Learn to be safer and more polite on the trail. Advice from America's Horse Daily.

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Mentors Make a Difference in Young Riders' Lives

Here is a nod to the instrumental individuals who teach newcomers the ins and outs of horses. The things we learn from our mentors are never forgotten but passed on to new generations. From America's Horse Daily.

Courtesy Horse&Rider

Face Your Riding Fears

Get a handle on your riding related fears, with this 10-step self-help program from a sports psychologist.

Bill Van Norman rides downhill. Journal photo

Cowboy Creativity

The late Bill Van Norman wrote a series of articles in America?s Horse about the time-honored vaquero training methods. Those vaqueros had to be pretty resourceful, as Bill tells us about here.

Be a Partner to Your Horse

Brent Graef tells America's Horse Daily readers to stop trying to be the boss and start making decisions with your horse.

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Are You a Functional Rider

There has been a trend in judging to credit a rider who?s on a really good horse but is not truly functional. The rider is perched on the horse like a statue and is not effective in what she is doing to control the horse?s performance. In American Quarter Horse Journal, Lynn Palm tells how to become a functional rider.

Lynn Palm and Rugged Painted Lark.

Do You Trust Your Horse

July 12, 2011--Problems linked to a rider not trusting a horse show up in a number of ways. From America's Horse Daily.

Understanding Connection with Your Horse

USEF dressage judge Fran Dearing tells you how to achieve that magical connection between you and your horse.