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How To Look Good in the Show Ring

To present themselves as relaxed but attentive equestrians ready to take on the challenges of a class, youth riders must convince judges they understand the nature of their event and how best to position themselves in the saddle for effective commands. From America's Horse Daily

Getting Started in Cutting

In this article, Al gives the lowdown on what it really takes to be cutter, and how to do it without breaking the bank (cutting can be an expensive sport). He also provides detailed info about the cattle used for cutting, and what kind of horse it takes to get the job done.

Tom McCutcheon. Photo Waltenberry

Preparing for Your First Reining Competition

First-time reining event contestants are eager to compete and eager to learn how to perform better. Reining competitions can be stressful, however, for even the seasoned competitor. Here are tips to better prepare newcomers as they get ready for their first reining competitions.

Barrel Racing. Courtesy AQHA

Are You in Shape to Show?

Sometimes horse owners become so wrapped up in the care, comfort and performance of their horses that they forget that they are half of the competitive team. The rider?s physical fitness, nutrition, rest and overall health also play a determining role in the overall show ring performance. Here are ways competitors can consider their own personal care during competitions. From America's Horse Journal