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Life With Horses


Book Review: Barbara Morgenroth's Bittersweet Farm Series

A talented young trainer arrives at Bittersweet Farm to work with two very rich--and very different--teen-aged half-sisters. Trainers don't last long at Bittersweet, but Lockie Malone is different, and things soon change for everyone.


YA Horse Book Authors You Should Know

Tap into a wealth of stories by real horse people.

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Book Review: Turning on a Dime (for young readers)

Maggie Dana, author of the Timber Ridge Riders series for middle-grade readers (9-13), steps fearlessly out on a limb with Turning on a Dime, which follows two horse-crazy girls who live very different lives . . . 150 years apart.

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Book Review: Your Complete Guide to Western Dressage

12 Lessons to Take You from the Basics to Your First Show


Book Review: Bullwhacked, by Kathy Cohen

The author scores a hit with her first book, a "comic crime novel" set in the colorful world of rodeo. Filled with entertaining characters and plot twists, it's a good read.

Book Review: Angel & Evie: Catching a Unicorn (for readers 3-8 years)

A little girl dreams of finding a unicorn . . . and a unicorn dreams of finding a little girl. This charming picture book is about their search for each other.


Book Review: Fall Girl, My Life as a Western Stunt Double

Before the advent of digital magic in film, stuntwoman Martha Crawford Cantarini was the real deal, risking life and limb in classic Western movies and popular television shows.

Credit: Girl-and-Her-Horse-221x300.jpg Girl-and-Her-Horse-221x300.jpg

A Girl and Her Horse

Ainsley Myers, 13, and her horse, Gazant, share a hug in Sunset, LA

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Reconsidering Balance

"Riding is the only sport I know of where one species sits on another."

The classic western hat was developed for daily use in harsh outside weather conditions. Journal photo.

The Cowboy Hat

Whether you're horse showing or just mucking stalls, the cowboy hat is a beloved, recognizable symbol of the American West.


Top 10 Western books

These 10 books need to be on every cowboy's bookshelf. Read on for outlaws, gunfights, posses, revenge, and romance.

the lone ranger

The Lone Ranger Rides Again

When Disney's The Lone Ranger opens on July 3, a new generation of fans will be introduced to the heroic Texas Ranger and his American Indian compadre. Peter Bronski interviews the main players and evaluates the enduring influence of this great character.

Kristie Allison and Chevy

Rediscovering Horses

Frequent contributor Kristie Allison describes how it feels to be back in the saddle on a leased horse after a 20-year hiatus.

John Hoyt (right) was a regular at the World Shows. He?s here with Harold Hudspeth at the 1994 AQHA World Championship Show. Journal Archive photo.

True Grit

He has been called the John Wayne of horse training, but most know him as the man with a heart of gold.

Calamity Jane in 1901, at the Pan-American Exposition.

First Lady of the West

Calamity Jane earned her reputation as a woman who did as she pleased. In the April/May issue of American Cowboy , author and historian Chris Enss wrote about this pistol-packin' woman of the West.

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The 5 Greatest Ghost Towns of the Old West

During the Gold Rush, towns boomed around mines in the West. However, once those mines were depleted, the towns were abandoned as quickly as they were established. From the April/May issue of American Cowboy, here's our list of the greatest ghost towns of

Blair Darnell took on life and opened her heart to those around her. Journal photo.

Her Own Woman

Blair Darnell has been horseback riding from Europe to the Rio Grande.

Photo Larry D. Moore

The Chuckwagon

The hardship of sleeping and eating (just surviving, really) on cattle trails were brutal. Though some modern cowboys keep to the old tradition of bed rolls around the campfire, trail technology has come along way. Today, sheep camps and modern "chuckwagons" are hooked up with sophisticated technology and plenty of luxuries.

Ann and Rodger Call never let life?s challenges slow them down or keep them from doing what they loved. Journal photo.

What a Lady!

Horsewoman Ann Call didn?t let the challenges in her life ever slow her down.


Buffalo Bill - The Man Behind the Legend

Smart, ambitious, and creative, William F. "Buffalo Bill" Cody sold himself and his experiences and became larger than life.

Kevin Cornwell studies the trail pattern before going in. Photo by Katie Navarra.

Of Patience and Perseverance

Special Olympians celebrate their horseback riding victories.

Alex driving the white team with Joe Yoder on the back. Team ?Ice? and ?Breeze? are Percheron/Paint/Thoroughbreds who were often seen in competitions and exhibitions.

Driving Horses

Long time stunt double Martha Cantarini describes her first experience driving a horse and carriage for a film.

Roy with Trigger. Photo by Bettmann/CORBIS

Television Horses I Have Loved

Kristie Allison fondly recalls Silver, Scout, Buttermilk, Trigger as well as many other horses from famous television programs from her youth.

Mary Roes isn?t letting cancer keep her from showing her American Quarter Horses. Journal photo.

Got Courage??

Mary Roes, AQHA exhibitor and Region Two committee member, hasn?t let cancer keep her down.