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Surgery for a roarer

The surgery to correct laryngeal hemiplegia---roaring---is safe and effective. But it’s scary when it’s your horse under the knife.


Can you get the flu from your horse?

New research suggests equine influenza virus is zoonotic


When to worry about coughs

Sometimes coughing is harmless, but it may be the first sign of serious trouble. Here’s how to tell the difference.


What noisy joints mean

Pops and clicks from knees, ankles and hocks are usually nothing to worry about.


Get your horse to drink up

Three simple ways to make sure your horse stays hydrated.


What to do if your horse becomes overheated

When temperatures are soaring and humidity is high, even normal activities can lead to heat exhaustion. If that happens, you’ll need to take quick action to save his life.


What to do for a horse with choke

When your horse develops an obstruction in his esophagus, doing the wrong thing can turn a relatively minor event into a potentially life-threatening problem.


What to do when your horse has a puncture wound

They may look harmless enough on the surface, but puncture wounds can lead to serious infections and other complications.

jog outs

When is a stumble something serious?

A misstep every now and again isn't much to worry about, but some types of stumbles warrant immediate attention.


What's your horse's ulcer risk?

A horse coping with gastric ulcers may not always show outward signs of discomfort, but you can calculate his risk by taking a closer look at how he is managed.

striped hoof

When to worry about a hoof crack

Here's a rundown of common hoof defects, ranked from least troubling to most serious.


Guilt-free tack care

Here’s a practical guide to care leather needs and when it needs it.

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When horse theft is not a “crime”

Your horse has vanished and someone else is responsible. But if the police deem the case a civil matter, recovering your horse will be much more difficult, if not impossible. Don’t let this happen to you.


Three keys to better bathing

Make the most of your time in the wash stall with three simple techniques.

Video series: 7 veterinary skills for horse owners promo image

Video series: 7 veterinary skills for horse owners

Watch Melinda Freckleton, DVM, demonstrate these vital veterinary skills every horse owners needs.

What to do about your horse’s sore back promo image

What to do about your horse’s sore back

A wide array of therapeutic options can help ease equine back pain.

Cold weather wound care

Consider these three things when your horse has a wound and the temperature is below freezing.


Sub-zero hay soaking

Don't let the bitter cold deter you from soaking your horse's hay. Here's a safe, easy way to prevent the water from freezing.


Common reason for teary eyes

Watery eyes are often caused by blocked tear ducts, which can be remedied with a simple veterinary procedure.

barn aisle

How to stop mealtime tantrums

Mealtime can cause an uproar in a barn full of horses. Try these tips for some bring peace and quiet.