Video: Therapeutic Riding

Dr. Anna Marie takes a close up look with a research from Johns Hopkins on how kids with physical, mental and emotional challenges are finding strength and independence through the power of the horse.

Trail Riding. Courtesy H & R magazine

Lynn Palm Trail Riding Tips

Training outside the box is something that AQHA Professional Horsewoman Lynn Palm does with all her horses in training, especially the competition horses. It is an opportunity to strengthen the bond by overcoming new obstacles together and encountering situations not found in an arena setting. However, riders must always be prepared to confront the unexpected when out on the trail.

Video: Ranch Vacation Packing Tips

Get tips on packing for your ranch vacation from equestrian travel expert Darley Newman, who's visited ranches in Alberta, Hawaii, Texas, Wyoming, Colorado, Uruguay, Quebec and beyond. Learn more about Equitrekking and ranch vacations at and