?Try to find the safest and best-trained horse your money can buy,? advises Julie Goodnight (shown). ?You?ll love a horse that makes you feel safe.? Photo by Heidi Melocco

Six Key Horse-Hunting Questions

Looking for a new trail horse? Here are six key questions to ask the owner from top trainer/clinician Julie Goodnight.


Easing Your Horse into Retirement

Putting an old horse ?out to pasture? is unnecessary and even unwise. Instead, consider his needs as well as your own and craft a customized retirement plan that keeps him active and content.

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Enjoy Your Horse on a Budget

Tightened your belt, but still hungry for fun? Check out these appealing, affordable horsey activities that won't hurt your budget.

Ken McNabb and Jericho. Journal photo

The First 30 Days With Your Horse

What to focus on during your first month?s worth of rides on your horse.

Video: How to Change a Life

The Flag Foundation for Horse/Human partnership re-purposes race horses as teachers in the emerging field of equine-guided education.

Video: Handling Your Mount When a Horse is Loose

Paula Hitzler of My Horse University discusses how to handle your horse if another horse is loose around him.

Yellowstone Pack Trip. Photo Mark Bedor

Horseback Riding: Yellowstone National Park

A great way to explore the park's wild side is on a guided pack trip.

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For Best Training Results, Use Treats

Your horse may appreciate an affectionate pat for a job well done, but a tasty treat will go a lot further to reinforce desirable behavior and strengthen your bond with him.

Video: Therapeutic Riding

Dr. Anna Marie takes a close up look with a research from Johns Hopkins on how kids with physical, mental and emotional challenges are finding strength and independence through the power of the horse.


Horse Buying in the 21st Century

With all of the purchase options available these days, is it possible to find another ?one-and-only? horse? Find out in this article from American Quarter Horse Journal.

Winter riding

Winter Riding Tips

Darley Newman of and gives some great advice on getting ready for a winter ride.

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Live Life Like a Cowboy

Why not plan the trip of a lifetime... experience the Wild West, riding the plains, driving cattle, living the life of a true cowboy.

Video: Horse Holiday in Ireland

Enjoy an equestrian adventure at Horse Holiday Farm in Sligo, Ireland

Trail Riding

Tips for Happier Trail Rides

Fall is the perfect season for leaving the arena behind and heading for the trails. Before you go, review our list of tips and tactics to make each outing as safe and enjoyable as possible. From EQUUS magazine

Trail Riding. Courtesy H & R magazine

Lynn Palm Trail Riding Tips

Training outside the box is something that AQHA Professional Horsewoman Lynn Palm does with all her horses in training, especially the competition horses. It is an opportunity to strengthen the bond by overcoming new obstacles together and encountering situations not found in an arena setting. However, riders must always be prepared to confront the unexpected when out on the trail.

No Time to Ride?

If you're finding it harder and harder to fit riding into your busy schedule, here are 20 solutions to help you make that time. From Horse & Rider magazine.

Video: Ranch Vacation Packing Tips

Get tips on packing for your ranch vacation from equestrian travel expert Darley Newman, who's visited ranches in Alberta, Hawaii, Texas, Wyoming, Colorado, Uruguay, Quebec and beyond. Learn more about Equitrekking and ranch vacations at and

My Wildest Dreams

Recovering from a terrible accident, she could only dream about riding with instructors from the Spanish Riding School. But it happened. Read Pamela's story in AQHA's America's Horse Daily.

Beverly Gray in front of painting of King of Malaysia Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin and Queen Tuanku Nur Zahirah.

Diary from American Endurance Rider Beverly Gray in Malasia

Beverly Gray describes her participation in the Sultans? Cup Terengganu Endurance Challenge which hosts over 80 local and international riders. It is a 120k (75 mile) course over much of the same area as the 2008 World Endurance Championship.

Video: Quebec - North Hatley Riding in the Snow

Join Equitrekking host Darley Newman and Jacques Robidas to horse ride through the snowy trails in North Hatley in Quebec's Eastern Townships.