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How to compost horse manure

The best way to keep this mountain of waste from becoming unmanageable is to compost. Not only does it solve the problem of accumulating waste, but horse manure compost is a useful, even valuable, product to use on the rest of your property.

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Green Barn Tip

Be green and environmentally friendly with certified weed-free hay to help prevent noxious, non-native species from gaining a foothold in the western states.

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Heated Water Buckets Prevent Dehydration in Horses

Not surprisingly, when winter hits, your horse doesn't feel much like drinking ice water either. In fact, the closer your horse's water is to freezing temperature, the less he will be inclined to drink it. Yet it's essential to keep your horse well hydrated during winter. Having your horse's body fluids at optimum levels will be his best defense against the cold—and colic. Adequate water in your horse's system allows him to efficiently digest feed and convert food calories into body heat.

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Get Your Horse Easily Out of Your Pasture

Taking your horse out of the pasture seems simple enough. Just open the gate and walk on through, right? Well, that's not quite the case if your horse has pasture-mates eager to escape behind you and your horse. To help keep the rest of your horses contained as you exit the pasture, try these seven simple steps to get through the gate.

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Create a Healthy Spring Pasture

In most regions across the country, green blades of grass are just starting to peek out from the ground. To get a head start on a healthy pasture for your horses, try these tips from Carey Williams, Ph.D, equine extension specialist at Rutgers University.

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Strategies to Deter Horses Chewing Wood

It's not unusual for horses with too much free time on their hands to start chewing wood. This does not mean the horse has deficiencies, assures Dr. Eleanor Kellon. However, it can wreak havoc with your fences, pillars and posts, not to mention your horse's digestive tract.

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Electric Pasture Fencing for Horses

Electric pasture fencing is a quick, inexpensive way to contain horses and to make existing fences safer and longer lasting. A mild shock of the electric pasture fence provides an effective deterrent to keep horses from chewing on, rubbing against, or pushing through pasture fencing.

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Supplement Your Horse Pasture

The best place to start looking for advice regarding what minerals are likely to be in short supply in your pasture is your state university's agriculture department. Information is often available down to the county level.