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Preventative Care


10 ways to help horses with heaves

You can play a vital role in protecting your horse’s respiratory health by making these simple and easy management changes

A Field Guide To Equine Allergies promo image

A Field Guide To Equine Allergies

Learn the 5 most common triggers of allergic reactions in horses so you’ll be better able to counter or prevent them.


The power of cold therapy

Whether treating new trauma, managing healing injuries or simply helping keep hardworking horses sound, cold therapy is a powerful tool.


Laminitis prevention techniques compared

Researchers determine which methods of cooling down hooves work best to prevent laminitis.


A way to prevent EPM?

A medication commonly used to treat equine protozoal myeloencephalitis may also help prevent the disease.


How to prevent ice balls

The rock-hard accumulations of ice and snow that can get packed into a horse’s feet can cause lameness and injury. Here’s how to keep them from forming.


Don't make your barn too cozy

Be careful not to put your horse's respiratory health at risk in your attempts to warm the barn this winter.


Four simple rules for preventing winter colic

When the weather turns colder, certain types of colic are more common. But four measures can help protect your horse from seasonal pains in the gut.


Another reason to check saddle fit

A study from England finds that a poorly fit saddle might not be bad for just your horse.