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Rider Wellness


Address Mental Stress in Horse and Rider

Sport Psychologist Jenny Susser shares her tips to minimize stress for you and your equine partner.

The Facts About Head Injuries

10 surprising facts about brain health.

How to Ride Safely in Extreme Heat

Use these tips to prevent overheating and overexposure to the sun during the hot summer months.

Learn the Crossfit Squat to Help You Ride Better

Dressage trainer Stacey Hastings explains the value of this cross-training exercise.

Create Correct Dressage Posture

Fitness columnist Rebecca Ashton gives you targeted exercises.

Improve Spinal and Pelvic Mobility

Rebecca Ashton gives you exercises to help you locate any blockages in the muscles of your pelvis and back.

Rider Fitness: Use of the Plank

DT's Fitness Columnist Rebecca Ashton takes you through plank progressions and explains why they're great for riding.

Riding While Pregnant

Two dressage professionals share their stories.

Exercises for a Rider's Tight Muscles

For every short, tight muscle, its opposing muscle group is going to be long and weak. Anne Howard, MPT, gives a dressage rider some exercises to stretch hip muscles.