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What to do when your horse ties up

If your horse develops severe muscle cramping, call your veterinarian, then keep him still and comfortable until help arrives.

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Your first spring trail outings

When you first take to the trails this season, be careful to avoid inadvertently overworking or overheating your horse.

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Get fit to ride light

In this excerpt from her new book, Riding Through Thick & Thin, author and equestrian Melinda Folse describes how taking care of your body can help you become a better and happier rider.


Is posting easier on a horse’s back?

Researchers explain the force exerted by a rider on the horse's back during the trot.


Five common biases that hurt performance

Beware of cognitive illusions that can interfere with your ability to improve your equestrian skills.


Calming the anxious horse

To help a horse overcome his nervousness, you need to become a source of comfort and security for him. Here’s how to do it.

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Tack safety check

Prevent a riding accident by keeping an eye out for these three signs of wear, while giving your tack a good cleaning.

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When is it too cold to ride?

Consider three factors when deciding whether to ride in frigid weather or take the day off.

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Halloween costume safety

Keep your horse from getting spooked with a few safety guidelines.

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Help your horse love his job

If you’re having trouble motivating your horse to do his best in your chosen discipline, consider the possibility that he’s just not cut out for that kind of work.

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Career changes for older horses

Once put out to pasture at a certain age, horses today are far more active in their senior years and can go on to second, third or even fourth careers.


Q&A: Reluctant to jump

An expert rider gives advice when a young, healthy horse suddenly loses interest in jumping.


Saddles for the Hard to Fit Horse

Here’s how to choose the right saddle for three equine body types that are especially difficult to fit.

Never Get Lost on the Trail

Follow these simple steps to get back on track if you lose your bearings on a trail outing.

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Don't go out on the trail without these essentials

The right gear and gadgets make your trail ride safe and fun. There's nothing like having what you need when you need it to help you feel competent and in control.