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Winter Grooming

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Even when provided the option of shelter, your horses may prefer to stand outdoors in winter weather. ? EQUUS Magazine

Winter Shelter for Pastured Horses

Although horses are highly adapted for cold weather, those who live outdoors may still need some shelter from harsh winter weather.

Credit: Heidi Melocco Your horse depends on you to meet his feed and water needs all winter. Use these guidelines to keep him in top shape during the cold months.

4 Winter-Feeding Tips

If you live in a cold area of the country, take the following steps to ensure your horse’s nutritional requirements are met during winter months.

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To Blanket Your Horse?or Not?

If you?ve ever shopped for an electric blanket for your bed, you may have been surprised to find that there were two sets of controls. That's because there seems to be an unwritten law of nature that no two people can agree on a perfect temperature. That same unwritten law says that no two horse people will agree about blanketing horses?when to blanket, how heavy a blanket to use, and the myriad variations of those questions.


Quench Your Horse's Winter Thirst

Dehydration is your horse's worst enemy. Here's how to help keep your horse hydrated all winter long.

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Weight Building After Winter

If you found a skinny horse under that winter hair coat this spring, here's why and what to do about it.

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A New Look at Winter Riding

Keeping up with your horse's training during the cold months just takes a little creativity.

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Wintertime Dehydration and Your Horse

Learn ways to keep your horse hydrated as important an issue in the winter as in the summer.

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Is Your Horse Cold?

Winter is upon us, and it's a good time to check your winter horse keeping skills. Follow these tips for keeping horses healthy in winter.

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Prevent Dehydrated Horses This Winter

During winter your horse may be more susceptible to dehydration and other ailments.

WeatherBeeta Senior Product Specialist Liz Wilkinson shows the new tail flap design on the Freestyle blanket. |

New Blanket Technology for Horses

A new blanket system with 14 individual and joint design patents was unveiled in Farmington, Penn., Sunday.

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Maintain a Winter Riding Program

Four to six hours in the saddle per week during the winter months will help you stave off the winter blues and give you a leg up on the competition once the shows start again.

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Dr. Heather Hoyns' Busy-Day Cool-Down

When your unclipped horse is sweating after a brisk ride on a chilly winter day, use this Vermont veterinarian/endurance rider's time-saving system for getting him dry and comfortable.

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Winter Riding on Ice and Snow

Wintertime, and the riding is...slippery with ice and snow. Performance-horse farrier Dave Werkiser summarizes strategies to protect your horse in ice and snow riding.

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Cold Weather Tips and Ideas

The members of the EquiSearch forums share their tips and ideas on a variety of winter-related issues, such as frozen water faucets and snowballs in hooves.

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Horse Blanket Q&A

Horse blanket manufacturers answer some of your most common questions about the use and care of blankets for your horse.

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Cooling Out a Hot Horse in Winter Cold

When your horse works up a sweat in cold, snowy weather, he's at risk for a chill when he stops exercising. Keep him warm and healthy with these post-ride cooling tips from competitive trail riding veteran Judy Wise-Mason.