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Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday shopping season is upon us! To help get you started, we’ve rounded up 23 gift ideas for the horsepeople on your list.

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Leather-Tack Care

Proper cleaning and care will allow your tack to breathe easier and live longer. Here’s an easy eight-step tack-care method.

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Hoof Soaking Boot

Whether you’re treating a hoof infection, deep cleaning, or applying ice, the disposable StepnSoak bag can simplify hoof soaking. The 21-inch-tall matte vinyl bag measures 14 inches wide for easy

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Thrush Treatment by Healing Tree Products

Huuf Magic antiseptic treatment from Healing Tree Products combines naturopathic and pharmaceutical ingredients to combat mild to moderate cases of thrush.

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Bitless Bridle from Barefoot Saddles

The German-made Amber Head Stall 2-in-1, from Barefoot Saddles, is a versatile sidepull combining a leather headstall and chin strap with a hand-braided browband, noseband, and throatlatch

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Electric Post-and-Rail Fencing

Combining a traditional look with the practicality of electric fencing, Equi-Safe embeds an electric wire in the rail portion of its post-and-rail high-density, polyethylene plastic (HDPE) fencing to help stop your horse from getting caught in a wire and

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Trail Bridles and Bits

To determine what is best for your horse, learn all about different bits, from snaffle, to curb to port bits. Learn about the bosal, vosal and hackamore. Plus learn our tips for the best trail riding bit and bridle set up.