The Trail Rider

Your Horse's Vital Signs promo image

Your Horse's Vital Signs

Learn how to check your horse?s pulse, respiration, and temperature with this information from the Certified Horsemanship Association. Bonus video!

Discover Hidden Hills promo image

Discover Hidden Hills

Visit southeast Oklahoma, and discover a world of evergreen-covered hills, clear streams, and good horse camps.

Hydration & Cool-Down Tips promo image

Hydration & Cool-Down Tips

Here?s how to help keep your trail horse hydrated and safely cool him down after your ride.

Florida Paradise promo image

Florida Paradise

Lake Louisa State Park, located in central Florida, offers a spacious horse camp, ideal winter riding, and fragrant orange groves.

Warm Winter Trail Rides promo image

Warm Winter Trail Rides

Discover day rides just outside city limits. Zmudowski State Beach, Monterey County, California; Copper Canyon Trail near Santa Fe, New Mexico; and Lady Hawk Farm, LLC, Inverness, Florida.

Crown of the Continent promo image

Crown of the Continent

Dance the mountaintops of the pristine, million-acre Glacier National Park in Montana, where you can ride your own horse, or use an outfitter to take you into the backcountry.

Road Trip: The California Coast promo image

Road Trip: The California Coast

My equine adventure along the California coast came about in an interesting way. I live in Ramona, in the foothills of San Diego County, California.

Top 5 First-Aid Kit Items promo image

Top 5 First-Aid Kit Items

Assemble your first-aid kit, making sure to include these must-have top five supplies.

Camp in Crater Country promo image

Camp in Crater Country

Inside Newberry National Volcanic Monument lie two sparkling lakes, a spacious horse camp, and miles of trails. Here?s an exclusive, from-the-saddle report.

Winter Trail Gear promo image

Winter Trail Gear

Here are five innovative products designed to keep you warm this winter. Bonus on-trail test!

Gem of the Navajo Nation promo image

Gem of the Navajo Nation

Monument Valley, spanning the Arizona/Utah border, offers pristine trail riding on a quiet Navajo reservation rich in ancient lore.

Ride the Riverways promo image

Ride the Riverways

Every year, Cross Country Trail Ride in Eminence, Missouri, offers riverbank riding in the heart of the Ozarks. Saddle up for an on-trail report and bonus slideshow.

Trail Bits & Bridles promo image

Trail Bits & Bridles

Improve your and your horse?s comfort and control on the trail with the right trail bridle and bit.

High-Tech Horseback promo image

High-Tech Horseback

Learn how to use a handheld GPS to find your way, map your ride, and save your route for future reference and to share with other riders online.

Stop a Runaway Horse! promo image

Stop a Runaway Horse!

Bending your horse?s neck using one rein won?t necessarily cause him to stop. Here?s how to do the one-rein stop the right way.

Ride the Rockies! promo image

Ride the Rockies!

Experience your own private horse heaven at Transfer Horse Camp, located in the San Juan Mountains near Mancos, Colorado.

Equine Travel Togs promo image

Equine Travel Togs

Here?s a rundown of six products designed to help keep your horse safe during travel.

Grand Teton National Park on Horseback promo image

Grand Teton National Park on Horseback

Head to the Wyoming wilderness for snowcapped peaks, up-close wildlife encounters, sagebrush meadows, delicate wildflowers, and stately stands of trees.

Hunting-Season Safety Guide promo image

Hunting-Season Safety Guide

This fall, stay safe on the trail with these five practical hunting-season guidelines.

Ride Fall's Golden Trails promo image

Ride Fall's Golden Trails

We take you to Deep Creek Boarding Stables and Camping near Asheville, North Carolina; Vermont Equine Tours near Burlington, Vermont, and Panther Creek Campground and Horse Trails near Jefferson City, Missouri.

Your Horse's Dental Care promo image

Your Horse's Dental Care

Enhance your horse?s health with regular dental care. Here, we tell you how to spot equine dental problems and how to find an qualified equine veterinary dentist.

Condition Your Trail Horse promo image

Condition Your Trail Horse

Learn how to condition your horse before a demanding riding adventure with endurance champion Lari Shea

Vermont Riding Vacation promo image

Vermont Riding Vacation

Go on a riding adventure at Vermont Icelandic Horse Farm, and enjoy scenic rides on spirited, smooth-gaited mounts.

Gait the Texas Trails promo image

Gait the Texas Trails

Life is good at the Lyndon B. Johnson National Grasslands in north-central Texas, where miles of marked trails meander through scenic terrain.