Trail Breeds


Gentle Giants

As draft-horse owners already know, behind these breeds’ size, power, and muscle lies a “gentle giant” that can be a perfect trail mount and rock-solid equine friend.

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Azteca Horse Breed

The Azteca Horse is a sublime combination of the Andalusian and the all-American Quarter Horse. The result is an equine breed with unequaled athleticism, heart, and grace.

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Tennuvian Horse Breed

The Tennuvian is smooth gaited with great endurance - perfect for long days on the trail. It typically inherits the good feet of the Walking Horse, with the smaller stature and more refined head of the Peruvian.

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Bashkir Curly Horse Breed

The Bashkir Curly has a short body coat that feels like crushed velvet. Owners also cherish the breed's calm, gentle temperament, dense bone, tough, round hooves, intelligence, and remarkable memory.

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Mustang Horse Breed

The mustang has an elevated sense of self-preservation. It's what keeps them safe, and also makes them unique. They're more observant of things on and around the trail.