Trail Breeds

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Missouri Fox Trotter

Missouri Fox Trotters are bred for naturally smooth gaits, stamina, and sweet nature. Today, these desirable traits endear the breed to growing numbers of trail riders.

Smooth Operator

Here’s how to find a smooth-gaited trail horse that’s right for you.


Gentle Giants

As draft-horse owners already know, behind these breeds’ size, power, and muscle lies a “gentle giant” that can be a perfect trail mount and rock-solid equine friend.

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Go Gaited! Tennessee Walking Horse FAQs

Looking for a smooth, comfortable ride down the trail? Consider a Tennessee Walking Horse.

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Azteca Horse Breed

The Azteca Horse is a sublime combination of the Andalusian and the all-American Quarter Horse. The result is an equine breed with unequaled athleticism, heart, and grace.

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Walkaloosa Horse Breed

The Walkaloosa is renowned for its colorful coat, bravery, endurance, and, of course, its smooth gait.

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Gaited Curly Horse Breed

The sweetness and intelligence of Gaited Curlies is endearing. Discerning riders want a smooth gait and good temperament; the curl and color are like icing on the cake

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Mustang Horse Breed

The mustang has an elevated sense of self-preservation. It's what keeps them safe, and also makes them unique. They're more observant of things on and around the trail.

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Colonial Spanish Horse

Colonial Spanish Horses are tough, handsome, beautifully adapted to rugged mountains and high heat. They are also very people-oriented; a real pleasure to be around.

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Tennuvian Horse Breed

The Tennuvian is smooth gaited with great endurance - perfect for long days on the trail. It typically inherits the good feet of the Walking Horse, with the smaller stature and more refined head of the Peruvian.

The Rocky Mountain Horse and the Kentucky Mountain Horse share the same rich history in eastern Kentucky. Shown is a handsome member of the well-bred herd owned by Dave Stefanic of Classic Farm.

The Rocky Mountain Horse and Kentucky Mountain Horse Breeds

The Rock Mountain Horse and Kentucky Mountain Horse have the sweet temperament of a puppy dog and the physical abilities of the best all-around horse you can imagine. They're surefooted and quiet.


Peruvian Horse Breeds

The Peruvian Horse is the Rolls Royce of riding horses. They're naturally gaited and ultrasmooth. All you have to do is sit and enjoy their gentle, rocking ride.

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Icelandic Horse Breed

Possessing tremendous strength and endurance, the Icelandic was bred to carry adults smoothly and efficiently over miles of rugged terrain.

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Spotted Saddle Horse Breed

The Spotted Saddle Horse is hard to beat, with a kind disposition and a big heart. The horses are gentle as a lamb with the heart of a lion.

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Missouri Fox Trotter Horse Breed

Missouri Fox Trotters have the smoothest ride you could want; Missouri Fox Trotters are athletic, pleasant to look at, surefooted, and Missouri Fox Trotters are great on the trail.

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Norwegian Fjord Horse Breed

The Fjords' small but powerfully built bodies exude substance and strength; their movement is elegant and collected. Owners extol their charming, kind personalities

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Pony of the Americas Horse Breed

Ponies of the Americas will maneuver a gate, cross a bridge, race across the pasture, and walk home quietly on a loose rein. Very rarely will your Pony of the America spook on the trail.

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Tennessee Walking Horse Breed

What really stands out in the Tennessee Walking Horse is disposition. The Tennesse Walking Horse breed gentle nature is as steady and smooth as the long-reaching stride he's renowned for.

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Morgan Horse Breed

Morgan Horses are distinctive, with well- muscled bodies with dense bone, luxurious manes and tails, large eyes, quick intelligence, and kind natures.

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Appaloosa Horse Breed

Initially called the Palouse Horse, after a Northwest river and valley by the same name, the horse breed's name evolved into Appaloosa.

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Haflinger Horse Breed

Whether your interest is trail riding, driving, or simply owning a delightful family horse that you can trust with your children, Haflingers do it all with a smile.

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Bashkir Curly Horse Breed

The Bashkir Curly has a short body coat that feels like crushed velvet. Owners also cherish the breed's calm, gentle temperament, dense bone, tough, round hooves, intelligence, and remarkable memory.