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Attitude Adjustments

If your trailer isn’t balanced, your horse’s soundness is at risk. Here are six expert ways to level your unbalanced trailer to help keep your horse safe on the road.

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Trailer-Rental Tips

To buy or to rent? If you don?t haul your horse on a regular basis, renting a trailer rather than buying one, may be more within your budget. Here we help you decide if renting a trailer might be a good option for your hauling needs.

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Reforming a Horse Trailer Scrambler

You've done everything you can think of to prepare your horse for a long haul in the trailer. You've wrapped your horse's legs, stuffed the horse hay bags full, bedded the horse trailer, and brought along water from home. You've conducted a preflight check on tires, latches, hinges, and hangers. All's well as you head off for that distant show, trail ride, or clinic. Several hours into the journey, however, your horse suddenly starts scrambling in the trailer. You can feel the tug and sway of th