Trailers & Trailer Safety

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Equine Travel Togs

Here?s a rundown of six products designed to help keep your horse safe during travel.

Traveling safely with a weanling takes some preparation, but it is worth it to keep your baby safe. Journal photo.

Safe Travels with Baby

Think about horse health when you're preparing to haul your weanling. From America's Horse Daily.

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Post-Trailering TTouch for Your Horse

Post-Trailering TTouch for Your Horse by Linda Tellington-Jones. Here?s a TTouch you can perform after you trailer your horse to the trailhead to enhance his well-being before you ride.

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Take Caution at Wintry Intersections

LED bulbs in traffic lights burn so coolly that snow and ice don?t melt off, and can obscure the lights completely.

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Trailer-Rental Tips

To buy or to rent? If you don?t haul your horse on a regular basis, renting a trailer rather than buying one, may be more within your budget. Here we help you decide if renting a trailer might be a good option for your hauling needs.

Before your next trailering excursion, learn the safety steps that will keep you and your horse safe as you load and unload from respected trainer and clinician Julie Goodnight. | Photo by Heidi Melocco

Trailer Load the Right Way

Safely load and unload your horse from the trailer with this seven-step technique from top trainer and clinician Julie Goodnight.

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Three Types of Trailer Hitch Systems

Whether you're new to towing horse trailers or thinking about making changes to your towing rig, it's useful to know the differences between trailer hitch systems.

Used-Trailer Buying Checklist promo image

Used-Trailer Buying Checklist

Compare apples to apples when evaluating used trailers by working methodically through this checklist.

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Trailer Spruce-Up Tips

Try out these simple changes to boost your horse's comfort and your trailer's resale value.

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Trailer-Loading Trouble

Successful trailer loading requires patience and time, according to our trio of experts.

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Getting Properly Hitched

The proper marriage of your trailer and truck revolves around understanding trailer hitches-and the important function they serve in the hauling process.

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Travelling with Horses

Learn how to travel safely with your horses with these trail and horse trailer tips.

According to the experts, straight-load and slant-load trailers each have their own advantages. | Photo courtesy of Featherlite Trailers

Choosing the Right Horse Trailer

Ready to hit the road with your horse? Choosing the right trailer and accessories is essential for smooth sailing. In this guide, we'll teach you about trailer construction, safety innovations and luxury living.

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Reforming a Horse Trailer Scrambler

You've done everything you can think of to prepare your horse for a long haul in the trailer. You've wrapped your horse's legs, stuffed the horse hay bags full, bedded the horse trailer, and brought along water from home. You've conducted a preflight check on tires, latches, hinges, and hangers. All's well as you head off for that distant show, trail ride, or clinic. Several hours into the journey, however, your horse suddenly starts scrambling in the trailer. You can feel the tug and sway of th

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Tow Vehicles for Horse Hauling

can be tacked onto each one of those statements.

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Stolen Horse Trailer Tips

When this owner's horse trailer was stolen from a horse-show parking lot, it provided some hard-knock lessons for the rest of us, no matter where we park our rigs.

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Your 12-Point Guide to Horse Trailer Safety

When you ask your horse to step into the horse trailer, you are making an unspoken promise to your horse that it's a safe place to be. Here are a dozen rules that will help you live up to your word.

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A Bumper-to-Bumper Truck Spruce-up

From sideview mirror extenders and stick-on disks that help you see around your horse trailer to plush dashboard ponies and hydraulic tailgates, truck accessories are hot.

Savvy Shopping: Trailer Buying Guide promo image

Savvy Shopping: Trailer Buying Guide

In the market for a new trailer? Before you head out to kick some tires, download and print this handy chart, which lists trailer manufacturers, models and options in an easy, at-a-glance format.

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Hitching Up the Horse Trailer

We polled a bunch of horse people to collect tips that they use to speed their hitching process. Some still try to have a friend around to help guide them, but others say they've become adept at backing up to their trailers alone. Learning to hitch up quickly by yourself is imperative.

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Trailers: They "Ain't What They Used to be"

Horse trailers have evolved from utilitarian to luxurious, and they are now safer and better designed for every size of equine pal.

Aluminum trailers, such as this Featherlite gooseneck, can provide years of service. |

Understand Trailer Material Differences

Use this handy guide to learn the differences and features of horse trailer materials.

Safehauling and roadworthiness are primary considerations when choosing a used trailer. | Photo by Darrell Dodds

Tips for Buying A Used Trailer

Thinking about buying an older, used trailer? Consider these tips for safe, dependable hauling.