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Trail Riding. Courtesy APHA

Fifty Trail Ride Tips and Tricks

Juli Thorson from Horse & Rider magazine give 50 tips, tricks and bits of advice will help you get more fun out of any trail ride.

Credit: Photo by William J. Erickson Most trail rides are incident-free and a great way to relax and enjoy your horse. But when things go wrong, as they sometimes will, you’ll want to know what to do next.

Rescue Your Ride

Here’s how to troubleshoot 5 common mishaps on the trail.

Credit: Photo by cgbaldauf/ A savvy trail rider stacks the safety odds in her favor. Get your score by answering 10 questions.

Test Your Trail Smarts

When it comes to trail riding, how does your savvy rank? Find out by taking our quiz.

A horse displaying “buddy” behavior just wants to be with his pals. I’ll show you how to teach him that being apart from his friends can be desirable, too—sometimes even more so.

'Buddy' Problems on the Trail

Does your horse act herd-bound when you ask him to leave his trail buddies? Here’s the fix.

Discover Hidden Hills promo image

Discover Hidden Hills

Visit southeast Oklahoma, and discover a world of evergreen-covered hills, clear streams, and good horse camps.

Warm Winter Trail Rides promo image

Warm Winter Trail Rides

Discover day rides just outside city limits. Zmudowski State Beach, Monterey County, California; Copper Canyon Trail near Santa Fe, New Mexico; and Lady Hawk Farm, LLC, Inverness, Florida.

Winter-Driving Tips promo image

Winter-Driving Tips

This winter, follow these 12 expert winter-driving tips to help keep you and your horse safe.

The Trail Home promo image

The Trail Home

Equestrian communities designed for trail riders are springing up all over the country. Read on to find out if such a community is right for you.

High-Tech Horseback promo image

High-Tech Horseback

Learn how to use a handheld GPS to find your way, map your ride, and save your route for future reference and to share with other riders online.

Grand Teton National Park on Horseback promo image

Grand Teton National Park on Horseback

Head to the Wyoming wilderness for snowcapped peaks, up-close wildlife encounters, sagebrush meadows, delicate wildflowers, and stately stands of trees.

Hunting-Season Safety Guide promo image

Hunting-Season Safety Guide

This fall, stay safe on the trail with these five practical hunting-season guidelines.

Ride Fall's Golden Trails promo image

Ride Fall's Golden Trails

We take you to Deep Creek Boarding Stables and Camping near Asheville, North Carolina; Vermont Equine Tours near Burlington, Vermont, and Panther Creek Campground and Horse Trails near Jefferson City, Missouri.


On-Trail First-Aid Kit

Here's what to pack in your on-trail first-aid kit, and how to use each item. Review this list with your veterinarian for more information on how to provide on-trail first-aid and to see whether he or she has any further suggestions.

Explore the Sierras promo image

Explore the Sierras

We take you to Three Rivers in the western foothills of the Sierras, a stone?s throw from Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks.

7 Summer Trail-Riding Tips promo image

7 Summer Trail-Riding Tips

Here are seven handy trail-riding tips as we head into the summer riding season.

Carri - Lite Corral

Cool Horse-Camping Gear

Packing the right gear is essential for a safe and successful camping trip. Here are 12 handy products to consider for your next adventure.

Equine Traveling Papers promo image

Equine Traveling Papers

When you travel with your horse, you need to carry a number of documents, especially if you're crossing state lines.

Trailer-Tuneup Checklist promo image

Trailer-Tuneup Checklist

Time to tune up your trailer for summer?s trail-riding adventures. A well-maintained trailer will be safer for both you and your horse than one in shoddy shape. Here?s a handy checklist.

Your Living-Quarters Horse Trailer promo image

Your Living-Quarters Horse Trailer

When searching for a living-quarters trailer, we realize everyone has different needs. For ourselves, we didn?t want the trailer to be too long, as we wanted to access small trailhead parking spaces.

Cool Horse-Camping Gear promo image

Cool Horse-Camping Gear

Packing the right gear is essential for a safe and successful camping trip. Here are 16 handy products to consider for your next adventure.

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Seven Things to Teach Your Trail Horse

Here are the seven things to teach your horse to keep your trail outings as harmonious and enjoyable as possible.

Rocky Mountain Hideaway promo image

Rocky Mountain Hideaway

Head to Drowsy Water Ranch for high-elevation riding in Colorado?s Rocky Mountains. Here?s one experienced trail rider?s first-person account.

Horse Trails are Disappearing promo image

Horse Trails are Disappearing

Farmland, forests, and open space are being developed into residential and commercial developments at a rate of 6,000 acres per day, according to the USDA. We need 36 million acres of land just to feed the 9-plus million horses in the United States.

Photo America's Horse Journal

What Do I Take on a Trail Ride

Here are tips from the AQHA to help you have fun and stay safe horseback riding.