Trail Tips

Credit: CLIX PHOTOS Nothing is kinder to your body on a long ride than occasionally dismounting and leading your horse up the trail.

Saddle Sore No More

As we get older, time in the saddle can bring on aches and pains. Here’s one horseman’s advice on how to minimize discomfort and enjoy your rides.

Corrals-2-Go constructs its solid metal panels from three-quarter-inch square tubing. Matching racks bolt to the side of a horse trailer, so the panels can be hung on them for storage and transport (typically over the trailer wheel wells).

5 Horse-Containment Options

Keep your equine Houdini safely in camp with these handy containment options.

Fix a Grass-Grabber promo image

Fix a Grass-Grabber

Top trainer/clinician Julie Goodnight tells you how to stop your horse from grabbing mouthfuls of grass during trail rides.

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10 Saddle-Fit Tips for Your Next Trail Ride

Use these at-a-glance saddle-fit tips to enhance your and your horse's comfort on trail riding adventures.

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Protect Your Eyes While on the Trail Your Horse

Fall brings cooler temperatures, but the sun's rays can be strong in any season. Too much sun can literally burn your eyes over time, causing damage to your cornea (the part that transmits light) and your lens (the part of your eye that helps you focus),

Avoid pushing your horse too hard. Condition your horse before asking him to tackle hills in hot weather.

Stay-Cool Strategies

Summertime is an ideal time to hit the trail, but your horse could be in danger of overheating. Help keep him cool with these veterinarian-approved strategies.