Trail Tips & Safety

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Handle On-Trail Encounters

When you go for a trail ride, you?ll likely encounter a number of things your horse will perceive as a threat to his safety. As a prey animal, his flight instinct tells him to flee such threats. Your challenge is to keep him under control calmly and confidently. As he begins to trust you as his leader, he?ll learn to stay calm when encountering new object.

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Prevent Dehydration and Acute Mountain Sickness while Trail Riding

An effect of riding at high altitudes is dehydration, a major cause of the syndrome known as Acute Mountain Sickness. Both you and your horse need to stay hydrated to prevent dehydration, and one simple indicator of dehydration is urine color. Relatively clear urine tends to go with hydration, while dark yellow tends to indicate dehydration. Worse, urine that appears tinged with red or pink suggests serious dehydration, which can be a cause of Acute Mountain Sickness. It is important to prevent

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Take Time When Teaching Your Horse to Wade

Crossing obstacles, whether it is stepping into water or stepping on a trail bridge, can definitely be a challenge if your horse doesn't respond to your cue to move forward. Don't be totally disappointed. The positive thing is, you are able to get your horse across water. It's just now you want to do it without getting your own feet wet, too!

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Search and Rescue Partnerships

When you ride into the wilderness to find someone who is lost, a good horse is much more than transportation. Horses provide more than just tranportation, they are acutely aware of their environment and provide important clues that can lead to the recovery of a lost person.

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Conserving Riding Spaces

These days, horsemen and women have to be equally conscious of treading lightly on our natural landscape. Development and encroaching urban sprawl threaten farms, ranches, open space and trails. To save them, horse people must show they have political clout, are an economic force, and demonstrate good land stewardship, both on and off the farm. Statics show we must save open space or riding areas will be lost.