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EPM Is Rare, But Tricky promo image

EPM Is Rare, But Tricky

You should involve your veterinarian if you suspect this disease.

Warning! Colic Ahead! promo image

Warning! Colic Ahead!

Know what to be on the alert for to catch colic in its earliest stages.

Ligament Injuries promo image

Ligament Injuries

Suspensory ligament injuries are the second-most common equine insurance claim (after colic).

Thyroid Dysfunction promo image

Thyroid Dysfunction

Reaching for a thyroid supplement product might not be your best option.

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Urgent Care: Leg Swelling

A swollen leg is always reason for concern.

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We Find Faster Recovery Times

And enhanced healing of soft-tissue injuries with Game Ready.


Laser Therapy Relieves Muscle Soreness

Units cost thousands, putting a purchase out of reach for many of us, but not a rental.

Setting up a quarantine area is a lot of work, but much less than caring for sick horses.

Biosecurity In the Barn

New horse arrivals should be quarantined.

The stop-action element of photography can clearly show the stress a single joint must endure.

Hock Pain Is Prevalent in Horses

A horse's hock problems may begin years before they're noticed.

We Recommend These Massage Products promo image

We Recommend These Massage Products

They’re costly, but they can give your horse a suppling massage.

Credit: winter-scene  Snow and low temperatures usually aren’t a problem for your horse until you mix in wind and dampness.

Frostbite! Real But Rare

Horses usually handle cold well with the right shelter, but tissue damage can occur.

Eyes can worsen quickly, so immediate attention is necessary.

Swollen Eye

Eye injuries go from minor to serious quickly.

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Oh, My Aching Back!

The longer you ignore your horse’s symptoms, the more difficult they will be to control.

Cushing’s Disease:  A Slow, Silent, Formidable Foe promo image

Cushing’s Disease: A Slow, Silent, Formidable Foe

Pinning down a diagnosis can take multiple tests and repeats.