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Western Tack

Lightweight Trail Saddles for Your Horse promo image

Lightweight Trail Saddles for Your Horse

Check out these lightweight, comfortable saddles specifically designed for trail and endurance riding.

Sergio Grasso Bergamo Field Boot | Photo courtesy of Dover Saddlery

Ireland Inspires Tweed Country Collection

Have a question about equestrian fashion? The experts at Dover Saddlery and Smith Brothers can help.

Western Show Clothes on a Budget: The Details

Here are detailed ways to improve your basic turnout without spending a small fortune on Western show clothes.

2010 Western Show Fashions Slideshow

Attention show-fashion junkies! Horse & Rider offers you a sneak peek at the Western show scene's latest fashions.

Master buckle artisan Pam Ward (right) and a friend pose at the 2009 All American Quarter Horse Congress to show off Pam

Belt Buckle Bling

Master artisan Pam Ward of Houston, Texas, custom makes these one-of-a-kind, jewel-spangled belt buckles for the Western chic.

High Tech Saddle Pads promo image

High Tech Saddle Pads

Learn about the benefits of high tech materials, such as closed cell foam, memory foam and gel, and how they work, to help you select the right saddle pad for your horse.

Resources for Showing On A Shoestring promo image

Resources for Showing On A Shoestring

Big show aspirations? Not so big a budget? Learn how to show savvy with these articles from Horse & Rider magazine.

Numerous sites offer great deals on new and used show apparel, from high-end custom-made ensembles to more afforable duds for novice and amateur competitors. (Above blouse by Hobby Horse) | ? Alana Harrison

Bargains Galore - Online Bargain Hunting for Horse Gear

With a little online research you can find gear--from horse boots to headstalls--at below retail prices. Bookmark these saver-savvy Web sites, and let your keyboard do the driving.

| © Cappy Jackson

Western Hats - Shape Matters

Learn to compare a good quality western hat with one of lower quality and why it's worth paying more to get the best quality you can afford.

This hat has been fitted and shaped for this rider

How to Choose, Care for a Western Show Hat

This handy chart will help you choose the right Western show hat for you, and the tips will help you care for your hat properly.

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Saddle Care and Storage Tips

Properly caring for and storing your saddle can add to the life of this valuable investment.

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In the Saddle

Horse trainer Emily Johnson tells horseback rider beginners the ins and outs of beginner horsemanship.

Photo 1 |

EquiSearch's Ask the Vet: Saddle Seat Size

Find out how to measure a saddle's seat size and find the perfect fit in this edition of Ask the Vet by Dr. Joyce Harman on

Cavallo washable dressage coat | Photo courtesy of Dover Saddlery

Fashion Forum Questions and Answers

Have a question about equestrian fashion? The experts at Dover Saddlery and Smith Brothers can help.

Beth Cross | Photo courtesy of Ariat International

Equine by Design: Top Equestrian Designers

The stories behind some of equestrian fashion's top 'designing women.'

Tack Safety Check Chart promo image

Tack Safety Check Chart

Before you ride, use our chart to evaluate the condition of your equipment to reduce the risk of breakage and malfunction.


EquiSearch's Ask the Vet: Shoulder Soreness

Dr. Joyce Harman explains how a Western saddle's fit may be causing a horse shoulder soreness and back pain in this edition of's Ask the Vet.

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Safe Haltering and Tying

With the right approach and a little practice, getting your horse into his everyday head gear won't feel like putting together a jigsaw puzzle.

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Cinch Checks

Riding with your cinch too loose can be a big problem for you, causing your saddle to slip; while fastening the cinch too tightly can cause a big problem for your horse by making him sore or giving him girth galls or even a hemotoma. Here are a few tips t

Tough Enough to Wear Pink Tank Top |

New Products for 2008: Breast Cancer Awareness

Show your pink pride when you are Tough Enough to Wear Pink for breast cancer awareness!

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Should You Blanket Your Horse?

It's on again, off again when you choose to play the blanketing game. Lots of factors will determine whether your horse needs to dress for winter.

Katie before her makeover. |

Eight Great Rider Makeovers

These riders asked for a makeover, and our experts answered with a fresh new look for each. (A few of their horses got lucky, too!)

Photo Gallery: Equestrian Products Help Fight Breast Cancer

Take a look at our photo gallery of some of the best new products benefitting breast cancer research and awareness.


New Products Support Breast Cancer Awareness

Pink is everywhere as the equestrian industry unveils products to raise funds for breast cancer research.