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Fall/Winter Checklist For Horse Owners

Need help getting your to-do list organized? Then, is here to help with our monthly checklist. Let this Fall and Winter checklist keep you up to date on everything.
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Winter is coming upon horse owners quick, but many horse owners do not have a list in order for caring for their horse and ranch this season. Check out our winter checklist for tips and reminders in caring for your horse this winter.

  • Unpack and launder winter riding clothes
  • Invest in orange vest for riding during hunting season; consider outfitting your horse with fluorescent halter and/or saddle blanket
  • Check tack room heater for function and fire safety; condition and store leather tack for winter; launder and pack fly masks and summer sheets
  • Critters move indoors when cold sets in, check for mice holes; set mouse traps if necessary; check feed-bin lids for fit
  • Tarp hay to protect from weather; check for holes or tears in existing tarps, replace if necessary
  • Outfit water spigot with heat tape/insulation;
  • Secure horse care if going out of town for Thanksgiving holiday
  • Increase frequency of stall cleaning if horses have moved into barn to help reduce dangerous ammonia production
  • Trace clip for winter riding, if desired
  • Check fences for any early season weather-related damage
  • If you plan to breed mare in '08, schedule breeding soundness exam for this month
  • Deworm